Direction of Fashion

Fashion has always evolved over years, generations, and historic times. Yes, we still see emerging trends and styles however, I can’t help but see, hear and feel, a new sense of direction.

I have always studied those in fashion and, having worked in the industry for the majority of my career, I have always listened. I studied, I listened to and, have always observed what my clients, guests, friends and those tightly woven into the fabrics of the industry, have had to say. What are people looking for? What is being asked? Curiosity continues to be a dominant factor in my personal journey within the industry. My observation? I have noticed that many are in fact looking for a more responsible manner to stay on point and, on-trend. Hence, what is, fashion sustainability.

Based on my personal observations, people are looking at fashion in a much different perspective. Fashion is now being looked at from the perspective of innovation, sustainability and ethics. The practice and action of thrifting, recycling and simply put, sharing clothing, is only gaining more popularity and strength. There is something personal and special when choosing to share gently used, fashion pieces. I have always loved to thrift in the numerous cities that I lived in and passed through. Finding a special piece, is something so magical. I can compare it to a memorabilia, capturing a piece of magic through my travels and journey.

I feel that there is such an importance to truly think about where our garments are made and, from what. Think and, take action. Educate ourselves prior to purchasing. Slow-Fashion. Where are our garments made? What is the process of the creation of these garments? Are they being produced in an ethical manner? There is such a tremendous shift to support local designers, local creators, local artists and, rightfully so. It’s time, now more than ever, to think about ethical production and supply all while supporting the local thrift shops, designers and artists. Recycle? Yes. Share? Yes. Thrift? Yes. Buy essential pieces. Not buying in abundance and extravagance but rather, buying with sincere thought and sensitivity. “Thought and sensitivity, Kathryn? How?” By thinking about our future generations and their environment. Their planet earth. Shifting our shopping habits of desires and wants to, being more holistic, responsible and simple. Yes, I love fashion, style, trends and staying on-point however, I also love, and believe in, simplistic, minimalistic and quality chosen pieces. It’s not about having excess. It’s about choosing wisely. Choose classic and choose simplicity, all while being a responsible fashion-forward individual. Create awareness. Educate others. Share and discuss this very important direction of the fashion industry. Set the tone. Be an influencer – of slow, responsible and ethical fashion.

Kathryn Kelly

Kathryn Kelly is a Creative Artist who uses her background in Literature and the Creative Arts to write about, and photograph, pieces related to art, fashion and culture. Kathryn equally writes about leadership, empowerment and inspiration.

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