I Have a Word: Intentional

Dearest Readers,

There have been a number of social media posts whereby I have mentioned being Intentional. In all my written reflections, inspirational messages and even questions to enlighten and make you ponder a little, I like to bring about the concept of, Intention. Why? I firmly believe that in today’s time, the notion to plant ourselves down, firmly, and be Intentional that is, to be focused, committed and fierce with our goals, our visions and our ambitions, never has there been a more poignant time like today, to be as such.

We have so many distractions coming our way, day in and day out. There are so many distractions that can set our hearts apart and away from, the passions and dreams that burn inside of us. Everyday, is a test. Everyday, we have opportunities to propel our dreams even further, faster and higher yet, we are sometimes swayed. Whatever stirs you up, your dream, your talents, your growth, you must stay on course. To accomplish your goals, you must study, work, develop and devote yourself to the talents and purpose that you were blessed with. I always suggest to those I mentor, to achieve small goals, small tasks, daily, in order to achieve their big goal. Pace yourselves. Work diligently and consistently. Some days, we are full of energy and vision while other days, we are not. We are sometimes tired and unmotivated. And, to that I say, that’s okay. We are human and we are natural. The idea is to always take time in your day to invest in yourself. A little bit every day will in fact help you, achieve your long terms goals. How? With the power of Intention. We must always remain intentional, goal minded, fiercly focused and determined to move forward and to grow. We must be committed to the big picture, our big dream, that we have our hearts and minds set on.

If you had the blessing to wake up this morning then, you have been given a gift. What will you do with this gift? How will you achieve your ambitions? How will you help elevate others? In my case, how will I help my mentees achieve their goals today, tomorrow and into next week? How will I help educate, lead and inspire my students? As you read this, you are living in magic. Do you realize that? Everyday is an opportunity to grow, to become wiser, to become healthier, to become stronger. Everyday is an opportunity to heal, to forgive, to thank, to shine and to be a Light for someone. Sometimes, I write to inspire. Sometimes, I write to guide. Sometimes I write to motivate, teach and help elevate others. Why? Because through my gift of writing, I help others grow to their next levels. I share, I speak, I write, I message, I blog, I create. Through my personal talents, I help others become stronger. My happiness lies in inspiring others to become greater, better, happier, more fulfilled, more aware of their talents, blessings and purpose. As I grow in my journey with great intention and fierce focus, I help others do the same. It’s with complete intention, goal setting and planning, that one can truly evolve to their next level of greatness, of success and of personal excellence.

With this, I say be intentional with your goals, your ambitions, your passions. Grow your talents daily. Bless others with your talents. Help all those around you reach new levels and new heights. I am completely humbled that I have a chance to do just this with my Mentorship Program. I connect with my mentees and help them discover who they are, their talents, their passions and even, their purpose. As for my students, the ability to teach, educate, lead and inspire is a blessing all in itself. I say, continue to move with Grace, continue walk in Faith and may your Divine Light shine upon everyone around you. We are blessed and, have been given a gift of today. What will you do with it?

Sending love,

Kathryn Kelly

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Website photography credits: @KathrynShowroom

Photo taken in Canon Beach, Oregon

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