Awaken to New Horizons

Dearest Readers,

As always, I am so grateful for all your support. Over the years, I have extended my artistry to into new directions. It has led me to various collaborations in industries that I love, projects with incredible companies, clients and teams. I have witnessed, and felt, what it is to develop, to feel and to achieve new heights. The growth. The trajectory. The devotion of study, preparation and execution. I’m in love with the process, from start to finish. I’m in love with having such clarity to see and feel my moments of growth. To understand what is developing and unraveling. The feeling of attaining, achieving, of doing. Capturing that precise moment of personal achievement, glory and abundance. It’s exceptional. You glow when you achieve your highest point. When you master your craft. When you reach your next level. You beam. LIGHT. The Divine. It’s in you. And at that moment, you remain still. You absorb. You feel. You realize just what you have achieved. There isn’t a soul in the world that can feel your euphoria of highest achievement, but you. Why? Because you created it. You thought about it, dreamt about it, envisioned it, planned it and then, you did it. A process. Your process.

You know when a chapter in your life has ended and, you know when one begins. You also know what it feels like when you are in transition and in between chapters. Sometimes, those are the most difficult moments because you don’t yet have both feet planted firmly on the next. Yet, we feel it and we try to understand it. That feeling of discomfort. In the midst, in transition. We reestablish ourselves, we learn, we teach and we grow, strong. We. Grow. Strong.  We also embrace the hardships and pain as well as the glory because life doesn’t happen TO you, it happens FOR you. Everything has meaning. It is all meant for you. Your path. Your journey. Your destiny.

Now, I am in transition. I am transitioning from one challenge to another, from one project to another, from one creative endeavor to another. I dance through this life with grace, with courage and with Divine strength. Tomorrow, the sun will rise, and we will awaken to yet another blessed day, another opportunity, to seek what the world holds for us to experience, at the horizon, where the earth meets the sky.

Kathryn Kelly

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Many Blessings, and with Love,

Kathryn K.

Photography & Photo Credit @KathrynShowroom

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