Holiday Hustle

Dearest Readers,

We’re approaching American Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Holiday season. To me, it’s always so magical. Life sparkles. Strangers share smiles and giggles with one another; we share, we give and we celebrate. Now, how can we keep this going, as in, have this energy throughout the entire year? Giving Thanks, sharing, being kind and being warm with one another. Strangers? No. Just friends that you haven’t met yet. Kindness is key. Get excited about sharing your energy, your smile, your love. Your actions and energy are felt among others. It is always transcended and felt among those around you. Open that door for someone, share a laugh with a stranger while waiting in line at checkout. There is so much we can do to spread infinite warmth that may, and many times do, turn someone’s day around. This holiday season, among the holiday hustle and bustle, remember how your energy is being transcended among those around you. Love, share, be passionate and aware. Give Thanks for all your blessings; your family, your friends, your health, your life. We are all on such a beautiful journey together. Let’s be aware of that. Now, go shine and show the world your light.

Many Blessings, friends. I wish you the most beautiful holiday season.

Kathryn K.




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  1. Kathryn…Beautifully said and very wise words…Tis the season to be kind and grateful for our blessings .🤗

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