Reflexion 2023

It amazes me always when I step back and watch growth. I take time to watch, listen, observe and sometimes, even absorb the changes. From personal journeys and developments to overall growth and strides. I love to take time, sometimes weeks and months at a time, to observe and study. I feel change. I see how myself and others move through life, always on an upward trajectory, and sometimes, we rest. To plateau is to rest, and in our day and time, we need to rest and reflect. We have different paths, different journeys and I feel and hear that we sometimes try to rush or race. It is not the case. Through my own personal growth, I have seen first hand what it looks likes, sounds like and feels like, to try to race against, and rush. We have to understand and appreciate that our journeys are our own. No, we do not race against others. Our stories were written specifically for us. Your story was written specifically for you. Yes, you. Indeed, healthy competition is good but, understand that each and every individual has their own pace and time to develop. We work hard, we pursue. We strive for, remain focused, determined and continuously move towards our goals and ambitions, always with integrity, respect, humility and honor. We strive for. We develop. And yes, we rest. It is at rest that we reflect on all that we have accomplished, on all that we have achieved, on all that we have endured. Yes, we struggle. It is sometimes very difficult. Struggles, losses and upsets. Yet, this is exactly what we must experience, face and feel, in order to grow and strengthen. This is when we develop. It truly is through challenge and adversity, that we grow. Yes, of course, we grow when all things are sweet accomplishments, of course but, as humans, we must develop our emotional intelligence and learn how to navigate and move through challenge and change, always in grace. Life is to be lived. Life is to be loved, experienced and appreciated. The moments we have are to be acknowledged, cherished and celebrated. All moments. Thankful for the accomplishments, the wins and the losses. This is life. These are our chapters and this is our journey, and we are here to experience, to learn and to grow. The Open doors, the Closed doors and the Delays, are all equally, Blessings. We must recognize this beautiful and delicate aspect of life. With this, my dear friend, I leave you with blessings upon blessings for the New Year, 2023. Yes, you’re going to crush it. Yes, you’re going to love it. Yes, you’re going to move through it with clear focus, drive and heart, all while remaining in grace and peace. I believe in you. You must believe in yourself too. I love this for you. Cheers to 2023. Now, go shine your light. You are the brightest of stars.

Kathryn xx

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  1. Lovely thoughts and words by a sweet and positive woman.


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