Like Water

The world has changed. A shift has taken place.

Throughout my journey as a Creative Artist, I have written about the arts, fashion and culture. I expanded into empowerment, inspiration and self-development. I photographed various nature series and even went ahead and created a blog series specifically tailored to and focused on, my personal journey when COVID-19 had us all collectively quarantined in our homes. My life experiences, my environments, my influences and energies have always led me to create, to write and to produce works that have always respected my place in my journey. It is for this reason I believe, that I have always been successful in my arts simply because I created from a place of authenticity.

My last blog post, I shared with you my intention to shifting back to a more fashion-focused perspective. It was during that time that New York Fashion week, then Milan Fashion Week, were all about to begin. As they were, I was eager to dive deeper into this fashion lense. I did. I virtually attended various shows, wrote pieces about collections, themes as well as new and emerging designers and artists. My personal lense when capturing these shows, is a lense of artistry. During this time though, I felt a pull. The air was different. Something didn’t feel right. There was an energy change, an energy drain.

February 24th, 2022. The war in Ukraine changed the world. Ukraine. The home of my mother, my grandparents, my great grandparents, my ancestors, my heritage, my history, my family. At that moment, everything changed.

The shock. The worry. The tears. The outreaches. The feeling of complete helplessness. Moment after moment, I’d find myself in such a mixed state of relentless emotions. My shoulders however, had to remain strong. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter and a niece. I am a daughter-in-law. I am a friend to many. I have to remain strong. Because I have many roles, and hats to wear, I have to remain clear-minded and strong-willed. Why? Because I am responsible to many, and for many. My strength throughout these difficult times comes from the energy of my immediate circle. My family. My loved ones. My strength equally comes from the beautiful souls that I work with, connect with and spend my days with. My strength comes from my environment, surrounded by lakes, mountains, and cotton-candy sunrises and sunsets. My strength comes from continual prayer and faith. My strength comes from rest, nutrition and living a healthy and active lifestyle. I am blessed to be living in such a time as this that is; living in health, happiness, and a pure abundance of blessings. These are just some examples of how my shoulders stay strong in order to carry, be present, and be authentic, during difficult worldly times as such.

Today, the war in Ukraine continues. I, continue to pray. My heart is with all the families living in fear and uncertainty. I pray that they are covered in peace and protection. I pray that they are covered in strength and hope. I pray for peace. Of course, I discuss with my children what is taking place in their family’s homeland. Open discussions. We share, we inform and we discuss. It is important. We also share what, and who, we are grateful for, and why. Appreciation. Perspective. Gratitude. We share like this, everyday. Everyday, we say our thanks, our appreciation and, our prayers. Simply put, having an immense amount of gratitude. You see, tomorrow is not guaranteed nor, is it promised. Of course we plan for the future, we work towards our personal goals, we develop ourselves to become even more successful and reach our personal greatness, our next level. It’s exciting! It’s energetic! It’s healthy! However, we also must recognize how precious and fragile this blessed journey really is. And it is at times like these when you are watching others fleeing for their lives, that you gain tremendous perspective. Deep and soulful perspective. It hits you. This is life. We must recognize what we are blessed with, and who we are blessed with, to move through this journey called life. We must always remain fluid, like water. Energetically, we must shift when we need to shift, pivot, when we need to pivot. We must learn, grow and adapt to change whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally. We must remain fluid with the times and remain authentic and respectful with what our hearts need. What does your heart need in this moment? What does your mind, your body and your spirit need in this moment? Ask yourself. Have those conversations with yourself, daily. Be honorable and respectful towards yourself, and yes of couse, towards others too. During this time, we are all absorbing these worldly events differently. I urge you to be respectful. We don’t necessarily know how others are handling, dealing and absorbing. And that’s okay. We are all moving together, simultaneously however, at different paces. And that’s healthy, perfectly normal and beautiful. Be fluid. Be free to feel. Be gentle and be kind-hearted. These are trying times for many, all across this globe.

Friend, I leave you with this. As a Creative Artist and human, I will continually show up for you in a pure, honest and authentic manner. Whether it be as a writer, an artist or as a friend, I will always create projects for you based on my personal energy, direction and position. The world has taken a shift and I believe that it is time for all to be more self-aware, gentle and kind-hearted towards oneself as well as each other. Be gentle. We are all moving and absorbing this energy differently. I wish for you an abundance of peace, joy, health, happiness and blessings. So many blessings! I wish this for you today, and into tomorrow, and all the days ahead. Enjoy today. Love one another. Be blessed.

Kathryn xx

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  1. Hope is a beautiful word.
    Love ❤️ you.

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