A New Perspective

A new energy has emerged. A turn in the road. A new path. A new wave of inspiration, style, and focus. Since 2020, my writing has taken a more soulful, deep-seated, in-depth, and spiritual tone. I wholeheartedly know for certain that my style of thought has been spiritual and faith-driven due to worldly circumstances. I moved away from writing about my passions; that is art, culture, and fashion. I wrote spirit-led blog posts, poems, short stories, and introspective pieces. As a creative artist, I am aware of my direction. I know when to start and when to stop a project. I know when to try and when to explore. I know directions of my artistry as well as when to dive deeper into my art, whether it be visual or written. And because of this, I am ready to start anew. Ready?

Here’s to a New Year – 2022 – A year full of vitality, fresh new energy and, A New Perspective.

Kathryn Kelly

Kathryn Kelly is a Creative Artist who uses her background in Literature and the Creative Arts to write about, and photograph, pieces related to art, fashion and culture. Kathryn equally writes about leadership, empowerment, and inspiration.

One response to “A New Perspective”

  1. Happy New Year Kathryn…
    Whatever you you take on in 2022 I have no doubt you will be successful. Have a wonderful year.

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