Creative Mindset

Dear Friend,

As we move through different seasons and chapters in our lives, sometimes each containing multiple chapters within, our creative spirits need breaks. At times, we need to re-focus, re-charge and in order to do so, a break or pause, must take place. As a creative artist, I feel and know wholeheartedly when these moments arise. When life moves into a new direction, when prioritizing people and projects take precedence, and even when a simple mindful rest needs to take place. All of these important moments of rest require one thing – awareness. Self-awareness. Being truthful with your mind, your body, your soul and spirit.

Throughout every season and chapter in my life, and in the lives of my family, I maintain a heightened awareness of each others needs. Who needs what. What are we going through. Where are we heading. What do we need for the path we’re on or, the path that we’re about to take. Goals, ambitions and projects all require special and specific needs, focus and energy.

Recently, I happened to have had a deep-seated conversation with a budding artist and entrepreneur. It’s so exciting to listen to and converse with individuals who happen to be at the beginning of their next project; focused, energized and excited. My friend found herself at the beginning of a new chapter, a new level, and to me, as a mentor to many, it’s so beautiful to see. Yes, take the time to rest, re-energize and re-focus if need be. Yes, to creating a plan for your next chapter, your next level. This is how we build, brick by brick. We pause, we evaluate, we educate and we move forward and upward, to the next level.

Today, I encourage you to take a step back, and see where you are in your journey, in your story. First, take a moment and pause to appreciate exactly where you are, and how far you’ve come. Next, build a plan to reach your next goal, your next achievement. By investing in yourself, you grow and you discover yourself. You build your character, your mindset and your talents. How exciting and fulfilling!

I have created various resources and tools to help you throughout the planning phase of your journey. Tools that help you plan, guide, reflect and so much more. I do hope you take the time to use my creative resources, journals and manuals as they were created specifically for you. Below, you will find one of my favorite manuals…

Project Leadership Manual

I am excited to share with you that I am now embarking into a new direction with my writing, blog post series and so much more. My personal creative pause was everything I imagined it to be. Now, friend, I’m ready for my newest chapter as a writer and creative artist. Enjoy!

“New Directions”
@KathrynShowroom @IamKathrynKelly
Kelowna, BC.

With love and light,

Kathryn Kelly

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  1. Kathryn….So happy to read you are going to pursue your writing… I always thought you could do this. Take care love you 😍 Happy writing…

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