Dear Friends,

We all the same 24-hours in a day. My question is, how do you spend it? The purpose of today’s post, is to encourage you to live your time, and moments, with the most focus, energy and passion, as possible. Maximize. Stretch. Depth. Everything we do, our actions, our words, our gestures and even our thoughts, have an impact. Impact onto ourselves as well as onto others. Understand how powerful you are, and the importance of what you carry. Your energy and direction, as well as your choices, have an incredible impact on those around you. The path that you decide to take, the words that you chose to speak and write, your emotions and thought process, your gestures and even your body language, are all incredibly powerful. You have power. You have influence.

I write this in order to help realign, modify, shift and create awareness within you. Sometimes, we need a gentle reminder of who we are within this journey. Distractions, happen. It is for this reason, that we must stay focused, driven, aware and empowered, to always stay on course, and on the right path. You are an example. Yes, you. Your lifestyle, your choices, your language, your actions, your voice, everything about you, is an example. How you live your life, is an example to many.

We have 24-hours in a day. We have tasks that must be completed, places to be, decisions and choices to make. Simultaneously, we have to be present for so many in our lives. Our presence must always be with a full heart, with a gentle heart; kind, peaceful, full of love and support. We have goals to pursue and attain, talents within us to continue to develop, and gifts that we were blessed with, to share and inspire. We have so much goodness within us to create, to share and to inspire. These gifts, blessings and talents are not simply for yourself but, for those around you, and of course, for the generations to come. I believe in your purpose and it’s power to shift the atmosphere. If you can understand this idea, then know how all your goals, passions and gifts have an incredible impact and purpose on, and for, others, in every sense of the word. You influence. You empower. You have impact. You shift atmospheres. You change directions. So, I revert back to, how do you spend your time? Your 24-hours? I encourage you to continue to be full of determination, focus, clarity, courage and grace, all while pursuing your passions with a full heart. A heart full of peace, love and gratitude.

With love and light.

Kathryn Kelly

Location: Kelowna, BC


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