Tripping: Photo Gallery of The Okanagan Valley

Dearest Friends,

Today, I am reigniting my “Tripping: Photo Gallery of…” Blog Series. I have posted numerous blogs within this series showcasing our family travels that we have done over the past years while living in the Pacific Northwest. Now, as we embark on yet another new chapter, we find ourselves in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. A beautiful part of BC, The Okanagan Valley, more specifically, Kelowna.

This spectacular part of BC, and Canada, continues to take our breath away with picturesque sunrises, sunsets and rolling valleys. Views that overwhelmingly mesmerize us, day after day. At the end of my work day, I make a point to drive down the road alongside the water, simply to take in all the natural beauty that graces us, every given day. I hope you enjoy these photographs, winter by the lake. They were taken at a one of my favorite spots in our community.

With gratitude, blessings, love and light,

Kathryn Kelly

Project Leadership #IamKathrynKelly

Location: McKinley Beach, Kelowna, BC – Okanagan Winter Views 2021

Photography: Fellow resident, Nathan Skolski, McKinley Beach, Kelowna, BC

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