Over The Horizon

Dearest Friends,

As we embark on a new year, so many of us have created a vision for ourselves, have begun journaling our goals and many in my circle, have even begun speaking over their lives, prophesying, what it is that they want to create, experience and achieve. That vision, belief and drive, is so powerful and necessary.

Year after year, we have always set ambitious new year resolutions. Year after year, we have always set goals, plans and dreams to have them prosper and come to fruition. Well, as we ended one of the most challenging years, and slowly tiptoed into a new year, I tell l you, like I always have, be fierce, bold and strong. Fierce with your goals, fierce with your ambitions, lead courageously your visions, build your dreams bigger and more daring than ever before. I’m telling you, now is the time to maximize your passions, maximize your power and maximize your purpose. Do not tiptoe. Instead, enter this new year with boldness! 2020 was a year of clarity. It was difficult, challenging and unpredictable. But, it did not break you. You are still here. Like any difficulty, like any challenge, it breaks you down, in order to build you up. Sometimes, we must break down in order to break through. We fought. We navigated. We were challenged yet, we prospered. We prospered in a pandemic. We were blessed, in a mess. And guess what. We survived. We won. You won. As we all know, a diamond cannot be broken. A diamond, YOU, can only be refined. Refined through pressure. Refined through challenge. Refined through difficulties. Look at us now. Look at you! Brilliant.

It is now, with a breath of fresh air, that we can truly say, “I got this.” After the year that we moved through, after the year that what many thought would take us out, we’re here, and we’re stronger than ever. We are ready for what’s to come, for what awaits us. Remember, God and the Holy Spirit within you, is greater than anything around you, anything in the natural. Greater than any obstacle, any hinderance, any trouble, any difficulty. You were created on purpose, for a purpose, and no trouble is going to change your fate, your purpose, your destiny and your story. 2020 did not take you out. It made you stronger. Your experiences, your challenges your difficulties, your obstacles, proved that you are in fact, resilient. 2020 did not have the authority to destroy you. It may have wanted to but, here you are, whole. Not broken. You are completely and unequivocally, whole.

As we look over the horizon and into our future with gratitude, kindness and all the fruits of the spirit; Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control (Galatians 5: 22-23), we plan. We plan to create, to build and to live our lives with incredible energy, zest and enjoyment. Create your goals, make your plans, start that business, work towards your next promotion, begin writing that book, attain that degree, start your ministry, workout for that sports competition, simply said, DO IT! Life is here, your gift is here, your life is here, for you to live it! You are here, friend, and you MADE IT. You made it, unscathed. You made it, gracefully. You walked through the fire, and came OUT on fire! Yes, Yes you did. Take that, 2020!

Now, with so much ahead, with so many opportunities, with so many blessings that await you, blessings with your name on them, are ready for you. You have to walk toward them, walk into them even, run to them. The beauty of God’s blessings are here, with you, ready for you. All your dreams, your passions, your most profound desires of the heart, that have been placed in your mind, on your heart, are true. They are in fact meant for no one else but you. Those dreams were placed in you to have, to achieve and to experience. It’s time to activate your blessings. Activate your dreams. Trust the process. Trust God in the process. This year 2021, I fiercely encourage you to push forward. No more games. No more pondering. No more doubt. No more insecurities. Rebuke the negative thoughts. Those are there to STOP you from achieving your dreams, purpose and destiny. No more. I decree and declare FREEDOM for you. Freedom to move in your journey, move in your purpose, move and achieve your dreams that have been placed in your mind and on your heart. I decree and declare the you will prosper, that you will accomplish your dreams, that you will live in the overflow and abundance of blessings, that you friend, are about to walk into the greatest year of your life! Believe in all the miracles, signs and wonders (Hebrews 2:4) that you will live, love and attain all the blessings that have been ordain, specifically for you.

With gratitude, blessings, love and light,

Kathryn Kelly


Project Leadership #IamKathrynKelly

Photograph: Kelowna, BC – Okanagan sunsets 2021

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