Countdown: 44 Days

Dearest Readers,

There are 44 days left in 2020.

Yesterday, I had a deep seated, soulful and spiritual conversations with a dear family relative of mine. It was one that was meant to be had simply because of timing. I do not mean, the time of day or week but rather, the time in our history and where we stand in this monumental year of 2020.

I understand how trying this year has been. I understand the abrupt changes, hardships and grievances. I continue to pray for so many. I also understand that this time in our history has been completely and unequivocally magical, especially for us creatives. This has been a time to lean into our faith like never before. This has been a time to lean into our blessings, talents and gifts, like never before. Time has stopped for us. We have been given time to created, pursue and accomplish. Prior to this global shutdown/pause/slowdown, we complained that we did not have enough time. Now, we have plenty. Throughout this period, essentially the last eight months, I have pressed into my talents and have helped numerous people achieve their goals. Through my various blog posts and series, published material, mentorship program and coaching sessions, I have helped many move forward with strength, clarity, joy and peace. I feel blessed to be able to not only help navigate my family and myself but, all those in my circle, whether it be via my programs or social media projects. The level of creativity, production and success has been something only our Heavenly Father can create, from the divine, and I am incredibly grateful.

Now, I ask you. With 44 days left in this year, what would YOU like to accomplish? What would you like to start? To finish? To continue? Look at 2020 as a foundation for the next decade. A foundation that you will continue to build, grow and prosper into 2021. I see it, I feel it and I’m beyond excited for what’s ahead.

I have created tools that may help you throughout your journey. I have published manuals and journals to help you plan and navigate. I have written inspirational blogs, poems and even 2021 calendars to help you jump start your preparation and, keep you going throughout your journey.

I have created all of this, and there’s so much more in the pipeline, to help you stay on course with courage and clarity. As always, I wish you all the blessings, favor and prosperity throughout your journey.

With love and light,

Kathryn Kelly

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