I Have a Word: Patience

Dear Readers,

In the past few weeks, I have come to the realization that a common concern for many is, Time. A repetitive worry that I have heard was that for most, time is fleeting. I’ve heard that, “there isn’t enough time,” or “I don’t have enough time,” or “I’m running out of time,” or “I should have done this [… or done that…] by now.” As though there is an actual time limit, time frame or due date, to completing certain projects, achievements, milestones, in your life.

The issue of time is a tremendous stress for many. So often, it is a false sense of measurement and/or achievement. We all have our own paths. We run in our own lanes. You remain focused on your journey at hand, while never looking sideways. You walk forward. You run forward. To look or glance at the sideview and watch others move in their paths, will only distract you and send you tumbling. You are not living their journey. You were blessed with the one you are living right now. By looking within yourself, looking ahead and always staying on course that is, on your destined path, you will see how incredibly perfect your journey is. How incredibly perfect your path is. It is yours, and yours alone. Placing stresses on yourself, like the stress and worry of time that I hear so much about, has no place in your atmosphere. Remember, the stress of worry is the downpayment for a problem that may never happen. Go ahead friend, re-read that sentence one more time. Let that sink in.

Be fair. Be honest. Be kind to yourself. Yes, you want to achieve. Yes, you want to move forward with your dreams, plans and your life’s blueprints that you laid out for yourself. That is incredibly important. Move through these dreams of yours with a tangible plan, realistic short and long terms goals, along with an open heart, clarity and grace. Yes, you will achieve what is called for you that is, your purpose. However, we must place on our hearts and in our minds the importance of Patience in achieving all that is destined for us.

Patience is the single most important element that will help us achieve our next level. Knowing that some aspects of our journeys take more time than other aspects. Be patience with yourself, kind to yourself. Being patient is knowing that you live life in seasons or, chapters. When we read books, some chapters are longer than others, right? Same in life. What you want to achieve may come to pass not this season, but next. This season may be the season that you study, research, build, strategize and plan. This season of planning may be the season that you are leading up to. Perhaps next season, is the season that all will come together, the season that you will bloom, the season that you will soar to your next level. Personally, I have seen and experienced first hand of what it is, to level UP to my next season. Every season that I have lived, has prepared me for where, and who, I am today. There is no way, that the version of Kathryn Kelly 2014, would have been prepared for the version of Kathryn Kelly 2020. There were so many teachings, achievements, self-discoveries, growth and levels that I grew UP into, in order to become who I am today. Spanning from who I am as a wife, a mother, a career woman, a creative artist, and so much more. The blessings from one level to the next, the rising UP from one level to the next, is an incredible gift from God. To live, witness, feel and fully wholeheartedly understand the Glory, is truly a Divine experience. I tell you today, be patient with yourself. Be kind and understanding with yourself. Move through your journey not with a stopwatch but rather, with grace, clarity and peace.

With this my friends, I wish you courage, patience and blessings.

Amos 9: 13-15

Kathryn Kelly


@kathrynshowroom credits Kelowna, BC

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