I Have a Word: Elevation

Dearest Readers,

Understand that what you speak into the atmosphere and write for all to see, can shift the energy of the one absorbing it. You have the power to change, to shift, to energize and to elevate others.

I am very vocal, and enjoy taking part in several conversations, within my community. Prior to speaking or writing, I always make certain that the words that I speak and the words that I write, are communicated, on my part, with a full heart, peaceful energy and sound mind. Words have power. Words shift the atmosphere. Words can elevate. Words can hinder. I always remain mindful.

Case in point, here is a glimpse of daily conversations that take place within my community. Everyday is an opportunity, a gift, a blessing, and that in itself, is INCREDIBLE.

With Love and Light,

Kathryn Kelly


Feature Photo Credits: Kathryn Kelly @kathrynshowroom

Location: Waterfront Pier 57 Seattle Great Wheel Seattle, WA

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