I Have a Word: Determination

Dearest Readers,

My last blog post was based on Intention and being intentional with everything that you do. Today, I want to focus on determination, being creative and strategizing for the best outcome in your journey.

We live with routines, schedules and calendars. We plan, we prepare, we build, yes. However, surprises arise. Curveballs are thrown at us. Unexpected situations, and even unexpected people, cross our paths. Wouldn’t you agree that this entire year 2020, has been one great curveball? School, work, sports, lifestyles have all been disrupted on such an unprecedently level, globally.  What about my academic career? What about my work? My career? My family? This is where your determination kicks into high gear. Yes, your life looks and feels different now. No, we could not have planned for this. Yes, we will come out of this stronger than before. How? With determination. You see, the power of the mind, your will, your strength, is unbelievably powerful. Your mind, your heart and your Faith, leads you. It all works together to propel you. You choose. You have a choice. You can either choose to sit or, you can choose to move forward.  I chose to move forward, and higher.

So let’s discuss how everything has been disrupted. Okay. Now what. Well, I like to go through a personal and professional re-evaluation. What are the steps that I must create and take in order to keep propelling myself forward in my professional career, in my personal career, as well as in my family life; as a wife and a mother. How do I shift. Shift perspectives, shift family routines, shift schedules, goals and ideas. When we are faced with unexpected moments, unexpected seasons in our lives, we must be quick to adapt, quick to modify and quick to shift. How do I do that, Kathryn? This is when creativity comes into play. How can I create a new avenue, new method, a new direction, in order to try to achieve a similar outcome – a similar successful outcome that would have been possible if I wasn’t thrown that curveball. Creativity. Resilience. Determination. Yes, I will be determined to be successful even though my initial method of creation, my initial plan, my initial strategy, has taken a different path. We must be open-minded to see another way, to try another avenue, another strategy and another plan. We have to be equally determined and creative in order to adapt to the new changes. This takes courage and deep thought, and proper planning and strategizing in order to create the new.

Understand that this process can only make us stronger. This process of self-reflection and re-adjustment will propel us to something even greater than we initially planned. Your continued determination is what propels you to your own personal prowess. Excellence. Greatness.  Wisdom.  Knowledge. It is your determination that will get you out of being stuck — or at least feeling that way. It will get you to move, to change, to strategize. You are called to create a new direction in your journey and it can only be done through awareness, self-reflection, creativity, thoughtful consideration,  determination and Faith. I believe in you. I believe that you will move, elevate and grow to your next level with tremendous grace and prowess. Believe, strategize, be creative, open-minded, thoughtful and you too, will be able to soar to your next level. You were called to live your best life. You were called to do great things. “You were born for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). With knowledge, courage and determination, you will achieve it. I believe in you.


Grateful to share this journey with you. As I continue to write my blog posts, I am in the midst of writing my first book, a memoir and leadership manual, to help you live your best life. Until then, please continue to read my blogs, and share them with those that you think will benefit, and be blessed, by my messages. I am always thankful for your support and readership. Honored knowing that you take the time to read my work. Thank you, dear readers, friends, family and social media families. You bring great joy to me knowing that I can reach out to you, via my work, the way I do. Lastly, I do hope that with every blog post that I have written, that you have been blessed by my message, one way or another. My purpose and goal of my writing is that I bring to you; reflection, peace, strategies, wisdom, knowledge and encouragement.

Many Blessings to you,

Kathryn Kelly #ProjectLeadership

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8/8/2020 Photographs taken by my beautiful, talented and adventurous friend, Vicki Bacskay  in Heather-Maple Pass in the Noth Cascade National Park in WA state.



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