The Energy of Change

Dearest Readers,

There is a tremendous energy in change. There is tremendous energy in shifting, transitioning and climbing. We all know what ‘status quo’ feels like, what ‘normal’ feels like, what ‘routine’ feels like, but how many of us know what moving towards the next level feels like? Growth, has a feeling. Movement, has a feeling. Development, has a feeling. These feelings are like no other simply because they encompass the feeling of discomfort. A changing of directions, of moving forward, of climbing higher, of evolving deeper, of trying harder, of reaching new heights. This, is not a comfortable feeling. There is a definite feel of struggle and discomfort however, the outcome is heavenly. You see, if you don’t try, you will never know. I whole heartedly believe in being fearless, in trying, in shifting, in evolving and in growing. Why? Because with growth, we learn what we are made of. With growth, we move closer to our purpose. With growth, our mind and spirit grows stronger. We are always evolving. We are here to live our best and biggest lives! We are here to reach our own personal best. There is no comparison. None. We do not compare. Why? Because my purpose, story and blessings are not yours, and nor are yours, mine. We live free, in our own lanes, building our own kingdoms, here on earth. We do not race against one another but rather, help each other build and elevate one another. We help, we inspire, we educate and we elevate one another to help everyone in our circles, become their own, and reach their own, personal greatness. With this I say, continue learning, loving and evolving. Continue trying, pushing boundaries and achieve what has been placed in your heart and spirit. We have one life, and it’s here. I dare you to push yourself today, and everyday, moving forward, to continue to discover who you really are. Push yourself. Challenge yourself. Lead others, and may we all rise to our own personal greatness. May we all achieve the dreams and ambitions that are burning in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls. It’s an incredible ride that we’re on, so be sure to make every moment, an incredible one. It’s yours to live, to love and to experience. Go, and create your Legacy.

With Love and Grace,

Kathryn xx

Website photography credits: @KathrynShowroom

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  1. Beautiful-Uplifting-Inspirational
    Well done, Kathryn!

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