Wild Skies

Dearest Readers,

Down my street, there is a nest where two Bald Eagles live. My neighborhood is their home. They have always made their presence very apparent. While walking to the school bus, my children and I would watch them. While walking in and around my neighborhood, they would soar high above me. A few days ago, both Bald Eagles flew near me. Their wingspans were as tall as me. It was majestic. It was surreal. Last night, I dreamt that they both soared down towards me, settled at my feet, expanded their wings around me, and rested by my side. They both looked up at me. I woke up.

Days of mounting protests, tension, escalation and unrest, have been very difficult to watch, to listen and to read. The pain felt, the anger seen, the chaos and fright has been so incredibly powerful. My breath has been taken away multiple times. I take walks in solitude simply to ease my mind. I walk in prayer, I walk in Faith and I walk in hopes that peace covers us all. We are in the eye of the storm, yet I know we will overcome. The human race will come together, the human race will heal together, the human race will be graced with peace and love. We need each other now more than ever. We need kindness, empathy, courage and love. We are brothers and sisters, and we need to love and support one another. We grow through trials and tribulations. We hurt, we heal, we grow and we build, together. By doing so, we soar together, with one another, as one. We are like the two glorious eagles that continue to glide over me. Strong, beautiful and fearless.

As I continue to watch, read and observe, I will continue to pray for peace. I will continue to pray for my brothers and sisters. I will continue to pour my energy and spirit into the universe in hopes that my prayers transcend to all.

Know that I love you all very much, and that I will continue to walk in Faith and always pray to the Heavens to keep you covered, protected and at peace.

Like eagles, we are strong. Like eagles, we soar. Like eagles, we rise, we are courageous and we are powerful.

To this, I stand strong with LOVE, EQUALITY and PEACE.


Kathryn Kelly


Website photography credits: @KathrynShowroom

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