Quarantine Chronicles: Tripping. Photo Gallery of my Backyard

Dearest Readers,

Throughout my blog, I have always included a series dedicated to my travels called, “Tripping: Photo Gallery of…” Well, since having moved to the Pacific Northwest six years ago, I have continued to be in complete awe of the heavenly sights that surround me. I fell in love with the fact that we essentially live in a painting! Lush greenery, mountains, lakes, streams, wildlife, striking flowers and the overall beauty of nature, has brought such a profound appreciation for the PNW. These past 10-weeks, while in quarantine stay-home-stay-safe orders, I have taken special notice and care for the magnificent beauty that surrounds us. With this being said, here are some of the sights that I see on my daily walks in my neighborhood. Won’t you join me?

With love from Sammamish, WA

Stay Blessed,

Kathryn Kelly


#QuarantineSeries #QuarantineDiaries #QuarantineChronicles (6/6)




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