Quarantine Chronicles: ACT 2. Book of Poems: Grace and Glory

Dearest Readers,

Over the past little while, while in COVID-19 quarantine,  I have been downloading ideas, goals, visions, feelings, reflections, messages and spiritual inspirations. My heart, spirit and mind has never experienced such power. In these times of quiet, in quarantine, we go deep into our souls, our spirits and we open ourselves up to higher spiritual teachings and deeper soulful connections. In this newfound pause, pace and reality, we grow stronger and more powerful that we have every imagined. This moment in time,  has allowed us to develop and prepare us for our next season.

A few blog posts ago, I published a series of poems. I titled it, “ACT 1. Book of Poems: Poetic Hustle.” What I share with you today, are personal poems, spiritual inspirations and deep thought that came to me in my newfound silence. This piece of writing is essentially a Second Act. I title it, “ACT 2. Book of Poems: Grace and Glory” I hope you enjoy my messages, downloads and whispers that have enlightened my spirit and my way of life. May these thoughts inspire and motivate you, in your journey. Stay BLESSED.


Your DREAMS, Visions and Passions are the BLUEPRINTS of your DESTINY.

That FIRE, that PASSION that is in your HEART, is your DESTINY! Don’t fear it…CREATE and MOVE towards it!

Your NEXT connection is your NOW.

Illuminate the Beautiful Reality of who YOU are.

WALK like you’re already there.

YOU’re just Beginning.

The BEST is in FRONT of you!

I believe in YOU.

The WORLD Needs YOU.

YOU have to do things DIFFERENTLY in order to GET things you NEVER GOT.

Shift your MIND.

NEVER fight for a Spot.

Your Ladder will be GREATER.

MY good Health will BENEFIT Others.

HEAL Others by being PRESENT.


Walk with INTENTION.

Walk in FAITH.

Walk with GRACE.

Make your MIND a Friendly Place.

Get your HEART Right.


DON’T let Anyone take you OUT of Character.

Be a LIFE Changer.

Be a WORLD Changer.

Get UP and LIVE!

Stop feeling comfortable. Doing something AWESOME and life changing is SCARY! Do it AFRAID!

Know what your GREATEST Strengths are and USE them to be in the SERVICE of something that is BIGGER than YOU!

You are Full of GLORY and LIGHT.

TODAY is a Game Changing Day!

TODAY is a BLESSING! Embrace today! LIVE today!

NOBODY has your TALENT, your SHINE, your POWER or your Finger Print!

I’m Shifting.

I’m Investing.

I’m Clearing.

I’m Building.

I’m Freeing.

I’m Healing.

I’m Manifesting.

I’m Ceasing.

I’m Rising.

I’m Elevating.

I’m Praying.

I’m Walking into my NEXT SEASON.


Grateful to my Pastor for my Spiritual Inspiration.


Kathryn Kelly


Abstract Painting created by Kathryn Kelly @KathrynShowroom


#QuarantineSeries #QuarantineDiaries #QuarantineChronicles (3/6)



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