Quarantine Chronicles: New Reality. New Pace.

Dearest Readers,

As always, I am so grateful for your readership, attention and support. Having this medium to connect with you, around the world, is truly remarkable. I’m a lover of the arts, and one of my most preferred arts, is the art of literature, the art of writing. The mere fact that I can inspire, connect with and elevate my readers, is a Blessing. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

If I may, let me touch upon our new reality of living in quarantine, COVID-19. Like many of us, we pray for and we thank, the many heroes that work daily on the front lines. Our medical and health care heroes, our home delivery heroes, and everyone working, helping and saving lives, daily. The world collectively, has pressed pause. We stay home, we stay safe, for the safety of ourselves and for others. We remain patient and supportive.

We are all processing COVID-19 differently. It can, and has, raised a lot of anxiety, fear, uncertainty and restlessness. This is a time to lean into each other; our family, friends and loved ones, and LOVE deeper. While in quarantine, we need connection, now more than ever. A simple text or phone call to check-in and see how your family member or friend, is doing, feeling. Emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. Let’s press deeper into loving one another. Let’s press deeper into connections with each other. Let’s press deeper into our Faith.

As a mother of two Middle School children, my family, along with every family, has had to make adjustments to our new routines, our new reality. Personally, what has helped me tremendously, has been taking time to myself to create my children’s daily schedule. Early morning, 1-mile run to start their day, followed by online school studies, fitness workouts, arts and crafts, outdoor play and/or sports skills training and lastly, family down time, followed by prayer and bedtime reading. Trying to maintain a similar routine on a daily basis, including nutritious snacks and meals as well as regular sleep schedules, helps my family maintain this ‘new normal.’

Personally, this slower pace has enabled me to discover, create and move forward with projects that stirred inside me yet, I did not have the TIME to invest in. Well, I do now. I have the time, peace of mind and because of this, my levels of creativity are reaching peaks that, under my previous schedule of balancing family, sports, career, projects, travel and home life, could not. We embrace this new pace and take full advantage of this moment in time, in our lives. We create goodness, we create opportunities, we press into deep thought, meditation, love and connections. We learn to view life, live life, this moment in history, at its fullest potential. We grow as families, our bonds deepen, we create memories. We move, we love, we show kindness, compassion and live through this moment in time, with GRACE. We are all in this together. We will rise together, elevate one another, pray for each other and support all those who are working, innovating, battling and saving.

I wish you peace of mind, courage and strength. Maintain your health and stay safe. It’s with a huge heart and a tremendous amount of love, passion and compassion, that I send you all my energy, optimism and light.

With Love and Grace,

Kathryn Kelly


Featured image: Photograph taken by my 11-year old son while on our family walk.  An evening view of  Lake Sammamish in Sammamish, WA @KathrynShowroom


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