Quarantine Chronicles: Fluidity of Time

Dearest Readers,

Our lives have slowed down. Our lifestyles have shifted. This is a moment in our lives to slow down and take advantage of this new pace. Take time to breathe, to think, to tap into your gifts, talents and passions. Be present. Embrace this new energy and pace.

Be gentle and patient. Be kind and generous. Be gracious. Learn to expand your talents. Do things that you haven’t have the opportunity to do in the past. Pick up that paintbrush or, compose that song or, begin to write that memoir. Engage in your life, your gifts and your talents.

Take the time to be present with your loved ones. Engage. Love. Listen. Be mindful. Be sound. Learn to love and embrace this new pace and energy that we are all living now, for this moment in time. Kind hearts. Full lives. Generosity and kindness.

Practice patience, look within yourselves and be gracious with your energy and with each other. Sending you so much love, energy,  positivity and good health.

May our prayers go out to those affected by the CoronaVirus, COVID-19.  

Many Blessings, dear friends.

Kathryn Kelly

#QuarantineSeries #QuarantineDiaries #QuarantineChronicles (1/6)

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