The Power of Choice

Dearest Readers,

It amazes me how we flow. How the universe creates opportunities for us to see our world, our journey, in different perspectives. It moves us towards, and sometimes away, from what is good for us, and what is NOT good for us. We are given choices. Options. We are given glimpses of what could be then, we can choose to follow through, or not. With strong hearts, courage and belief, we follow what is right for us. The Good. The Light. We have the power to make the right decisions, engage in healthy mindsets; how to live, how to feel, how to think. Positivity. Kindness. Health. Strength. Love. Faith. What choice do you want to make? Which path do you take? How do you want to live?

Everyday we make choices. Choices that are as simple as what food and drink do we consume in order to fuel our body and our mind with. Nutrition. Health. Choosing an active lifestyle, fitness, or not at all. We have choices that will better our lives, or hinder. Over the past months, I have modified myself on my personal journey and have see such bright lights in so many areas of my life. From Spirituality, to Nutrition, to Fitness and to Mental and Emotional Strength. Courage. Living and breathing on a higher level than ever before. Higher frequency. It truly has been, and continues to be, incredible. Of course, those in my inner circle, rise along with me. We elevate each other. It’s astounding. These waves of change, shifting to higher levels, climbing high with my soul tribe, is a true Blessing. Everyday is an opportunity from the universe, to be your BEST self. Whether it’s hitting the gym for the first time in a long while or, making healthier choices with your food, nutrition or, choosing an alternative to that alcoholic beverage. Be your BEST self, be the BEST version of yourself. You have been given so much, Blessed in so many ways. Why not help elevate yourself to be your BEST version. Making the right decisions, the right choices, always feels so good.

Stay Blessed, beautiful souls!

Kathryn Kelly



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  1. Love your choices 💕🤗

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