The Year of Creativity and Clarity, 2020.

With not only a new year ahead, but an entirely new decade, never have I felt so energized, excited and optimistic as I do today. Excited for all the work, study, persistence and patience that has been invested in, in order to reach new heights. The continued fluidity and growth into new directions and new endeavors, is truly incredible. To remain patient and focused when building our crafts and investing in our passions, in our Blessings and in our talents, is remarkable. To always walk with the Divine, have Faith in our paths and embody clarity and truth. LIGHT. Raining Blessings? YES. To be aware and thankful for the foundations that we have created — our Faith, our family, our health and our careers. To be driven, clear and powerful with regards to the choices we make, everyday.

Trust — Perspective — Strength — Leadership — the Divine.

All essential elements for our continued success into a new decade.

My HEART is so full, my SPIRIT radiates with light and joy, and my MIND remains strong, focused and powerful. Let’s move forward into a new decade together, with pride, strength and Faith. So eager to soar and shine ever so brightly. Strong energy, beautiful auras, and Divine strength. Let’s celebrate this new journey, this new chapter, that awaits us all. Let’s welcome a new decade, together.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2020, my dearest Readers. Always so grateful to you.

Many Blessings to you and yours,

Kathryn Kelly

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