Rhythmic Creations

Dearest Readers,

Can we discuss the concept of waves? Coming. Going. Yes, waves of creativity.  Waves of artistry. Waves of inspiration. As a writer, a photographer, an illustrator and creative director of styling events and collaborations, I experience moments of intense creativity, and then, intense droughts. I know exactly when I am in full creation.  It can be for days on end. Endless visions, endless creative energies, stars are aligned, magic is felt, the universe comes to me in my quietest moments, and all moments, it truly is a heavenly connection of beauty, love, rhythms and artistry. I know in my heart and mind what must be captured, what must be created, what must be written, photographed, illustrated, planned and stylized. Music, dance, art, poetry, stylized creations. The body moves, the mind envisions, the hands create. The creations are rhythmic, sensual and transcending.  And other times, I don’t see or feel anything at all. For days. This is a common experience among myself and my circle of artistic friends. We know exactly how and what that feels like.

Over the past few years, I have created a brand. A brand that I am proud of.  Many levels and avenues to showcase my poems, interviews, collaborations, photography, art and fashion. It’s truly been an incredible experience. My years of studying, teaching, experiencing, observing have been funneled, channeled really, into actual mediums and, media. I always knew I wanted to someday showcase my passions, and in all fairness, talents and loves that I have been blessed with. Sometimes one has to drastically change directions in order to see a new light and new visions, perspectives, in order to step into a new chapter. Embrace the change, embrace the new. I did not see this happen until I changed directions. New chapter in life. I firmly believe that all is created specifically for us. Time, place, space. It is all meant to be. We have to be open to experience it. To trust challenge and change. Granted we all have choices and we are to make the correct choices to better us and those around us. We chose good. We make good. We trust our intuition, our spirit, our voice. We remain hard working, dedicated, focused, driven and in result, successful. Truly successful. True leaders in our own rights. We lead and, we win.

As I expand into new projects, new challenges, new endeavors, I do it all with an open heart. A passionate, always full and open heart and spirit. I try, I challenge, I expand my mind, my efforts. Being aware of comfort zones, and not becoming too comfortable since that does NOT lead to developing courage, change and the new. Always trying and pushing the self; physically, mentally, spiritually, artistically.

So here I am today, writing to those that are willing to read my work, yet another reflective moment as a human being, as a passionate artist, as a truly happy and blessed soul. If you are reading my words, I do hope that my moments in my journey are reflective. Perhaps my personal ideas resonate with you? Encourage you that you are not alone in creation, in challenges and in growth. Authenticity? Yes, always be proud of your true authentic self. You must wonder why I create so much? To connect with you, that’s why. To capture you. To inspire you. To get you fired up. To lead, teach, mentor, motivate and shine a light on your bravery. Know that I support you, friend. Let me be your reminder to love yourself. To invest in yourself. You are loved and supported.

Let’s go ahead and celebrate all the beauty of our lives by investing in our passions today, and everyday. Be patient. This isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. Know that you are covered in a blanket of love and support. Always keep this in mind when you fall into a state of (—). We all do. And, that’s okay. We are human and experience many of waves. Waves of nothing to, waves of everything. You are beautiful and blanketed, in love and support.

Now, turn the page, and go create your sunshine.

I love you.

Kathryn K.



NOTE from the AUTHOR: I continue to create against the grain. Against what in in vogue, and what is trending. Am I a typical blogger? No, far from it.  I blog about what is beautiful to ME and not to the what’s trending. What I, Kathryn Kelly, finds captivating, beautiful, worth shining a spotlight on. Worth giving my time, energy and attention to. I will always continue to write about my loves. Truly. People can see and read if you are authentic. If I love it, if I support it, you can feel me in my writing, you can see it in my photography, in my illustrations and hear it in my rhymes. I am a blogger of everything beautiful, that is, beautiful to my soul. TRUTH. BEAUTY. AUTHENTICITY. Honesty is what makes me successful in my artistry, creative projects and career. Your take away? Stay true to yourself. Do not subject yourself to what is trending at this moment. Because it’s exactly just that, a moment. However, your truth, your beauty, your talents, your honesty, is FOREVER.

Photo Credit: Kathryn Kelly creative director of @KathrynShowroom @KathrynKollection

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