Impact and Inspire in Under 4-Minutes. GO!

Dearest Readers,

As I continue to venture into new directions with my writing, my art and my projects, I present to you a speech, that I wrote and delivered, at my last conference. My goal was connect, to share and to have my audience think and feel — in MINUTES — what a challenge! Typical teacher I am, I even game my audience a take-home assignment. To my surprise, I received numerous messages and assignments from those that attended. Honored that you shared with me your passions, dreams and goals. Life changing! So beautiful and brave you are!

As always, I am always so grateful for your support, love and positive energy. 


OPEN WITH A QUOTE: “You didn’t wake up to be average.” @ONE37pm

Who in the audience, raise your hands, takes a step back, a birds-eye-view, of your personal journey? Of what you have created. Of what you have accomplished, failed, earned, lost. What you have learned. Who you learned from. What gifts you received. What gifts you have given. Who you crossed paths with that is, brief relationships as well as long term relationships.
This, in my opinion and experience, is such an important exercise because it helps you practice and gain awareness. Awareness of your path, your journey and the reasoning behind your wins and your fails. A heightened awareness of what you have learned.
I often blog and podcast about COURAGE, LEADERSHIP, HAPPINESS and KINDNESS.
I write and speak about this because I believe firstly, that COURAGE and BRAVERY is the core of what will help us, helps you, achieve what you truly want. Being FEARLESS in your process. Being FEARLESS in trying, in working towards your desired goals.
LEADERSHIP because through your actions of having courage, you in turn might inspire others to be brave with their talents and passions, as well. By observing you, listening to you, reading about you and your process, they too might try to develop their personal goals, dreams, passions and interests.
HAPPINESS because I believe, and know very well, that if you do in fact pursue your deep seated passions, you will be HAPPY. Your spirit, your soul, your entire being. Why? Everything feels right. Everything feels aligned and the way its suppose to be. That is happiness. You shine. You glow.
And what’s beautiful about being happy in that transcends into, and equals, KINDNESS. You give, you project and you spread KINDNESS onto others, whether its face-to-face or across social media.
To find that balance is to be TRUTHFUL to yourself. To be honest with yourself. To love yourself so much that you are COURAGEOUS and BRAVE enough to pursue what you truly are passionate about.
This evening when you go home, I want you do a little exercise. An assignment. I want you to write down, what you are passionate about. What your talents are. Then, I want you to write down HOW you are going to pursue them.
This exercise might take you some time but, its well worth it. Who knows, this process might even take you into a new direction. Enjoy the ride!
Thank you.

Kathryn Kelly

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