Project ReBoot?

Am I the only one seeing a trend here? Embracing past Pop Culture and shining a spotlight on, nostalgia?

“Beverly Hills 90210” or, “BH90210.”

“Home Alone” (Thanks MaCaulay Culkin for your Twitter post on 8/7 on what HA would look like today, in 2019. Genius.

“The Addams Family.”

“Gossip Girl” and “Night at the Museum” (Both fairly new, but they too remains in the the ‘reboot’ category as far as I’m concerned).

“Coming To America” or, “Coming 2 America.”

Have I missed any other reboots? Remakes? Please, do continue the list if that’s the case…

I understand the idea of nostalgia. It’s fun. It’s safe. It’s pleasant to rekindle the emotions that you felt when experiencing these television and film projects. There’s a sense of comfort that we all appreciate. Reminiscing where we were and more importantly, who we were.

All of that is wonderful, yes. I simply cannot recall another time in our Pop Culture whereby there were SO many reboot projects at ONE time. Do you?

As an artist, I appreciate the time capsule. I appreciate capturing that period in fashion, in hair and makeup artistry as well as in music. However, I find myself wondering, what about all the current writers and poets that have new material, new ideas? Our visions, our voices, our creativity and artistry.  I say ‘our’ simply because I am proudly affiliated to, and with, numerous inspiring, bold and creative groups of writers and poets, and our pieces of literature are fresh, new and daring. I feel that today’s Pop Culture needs to be brave and give today’s nouveau artists (I say ‘nouveau’ loosely simply because we’ve been working on our crafts for our entire artistic and creative lives) a chance. A moment on stage. A spotlight that perhaps might turn our written words into new ideas, new avenues, new paths of expression and new awakenings. I say, lets move forward with new, bold methods of writing, directing and creating.

Appreciate the past. Embrace it. Respect it. However, LEAD and give a pathway for the new as well. Take a chance on today’s artists, the present day, the now, and let’s see what ‘newness’ we can create!

Written by a 70’s baby.

PS. If you haven’t seen the original version of the television show or film, you’re safe with me. I don’t give out spoilers.


Note from the Author: There are numerous artists and networks breaking molds and creating new rich content which I am in awe with. Grateful to you! Your artistry inspires so many. Thank you for daring, for being brave and above all, for being courageous with your work.


Kathryn Kelly

DM for Inquiries and Collabs

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers Television

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