What’s Stopping You?

What’s stopping you?

Who’s stopping you?

I get told a lot, “But Kathryn, I don’t know what I’m good at,” or “I’m afraid to try what I think I’m good at.”

For those that hesitate to try. For those that hesitate to invest in themselves, to dare to dream, I simply want to remind you that we are all blessed with personal journeys. We have been given the opportunity to dare, to be brave, to try, and to be strong enough to give ourselves, our passions, our talents, a try. We all have interests that we are drawn to. These interests, talents and crafts make us happy when we are doing them. Simple, right? We feel right, balanced and energized when we do what we truly love. We must practice being sensitive to how we feel when we are engaged in doing what makes us happy. Once we know what that something is, we build on it. We continue to develop it. Over time, we watch and feel how we have evolved within our craft. One year, two years, 5 years later, we look back and see how courageous and powerful we have become because of our dedication to ourselves and to our growth. We must listen to our inner voices. We must listen to how we feel. Paying attention and being sensitive to how energy, love, excitement and strength, feels like.

I leave you with a quote of mine that I shared on my social channels and that resonated with many. Fill your heart. Dream big dreams and be dedicated towards working on making them come to fruition. Be grateful that you have the awareness and passion to dare, the energy and health to pursue, and the strength and audacity to achieve.


Kathryn Kelly

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By Kathryn Kelly

Kathryn Kelly is a Creative Artist who uses her background in Literature and the Creative Arts to write about, and photograph, pieces related to art, fashion and culture. Kathryn equally writes about leadership, empowerment and inspiration.

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