Recently, I launched a Blog Series dedicated to celebrating women in our communities. Over the past few weeks, I have had group and one-on-one discussions, video calls, phone calls and meet-and-greets in and around the Greater Seattle Area. There is so MUCH passion, fearlessness and courage. Women building, conquering and living life FULL. Passionate, hard working leaders. Role models and innovators.

Today, I am so eager and proud to share with you a shining star among us. It is with great pride that I present to you my darling friend, Marrie Ketchum Gant.

A conversation between Kathryn and Marrie.


You exude a tremendous energy and spirit. An aura of light and pure happiness. What do you think has attributed to your joy in life?

I am grateful for every moment and everything my body and mind can do. My dedication and experience of my work, has helped me become who I am today.
I can share today, my experience of my life threatening car accident and recovery,  and learning to walk again. I don’t know that I have shared this story with you Kathryn, but I was in a life threatening car accident. I “flat lined” in the life flight and my rehab experience is a really powerful story that is present in my energy today. It is for sure, my gratitude for life!
This is where I got my GRIT, my first experience of the power of the mind, mindset, importance of love, support and connection. Experience of miracles and healing. This,  in result, inspired me towards psychology and health from an integrative perspective. I have immense appreciation for the human experience, for resilience and strength, both from my own experiences and walking along side my clients in their journeys.
Family value started from my first memories. My “come from” is always my gratitude and appreciation. Emotional and physical strength as well as the value of connection.
I love people. Connecting with people gives me energy.  Being a part of people lives and journeys, at work with my clients or at the gym, is a beautiful honor.

We all experience change in our lives. For some, ‘change’ can be viewed as difficult, scary and uncertain. Based on your personal journey and experience with ‘change,’ how would you coach someone to embrace change?
Change is our best path to growth! The process of embracing discomfort leads us towards the magic of growth! Learning to take risks and stepping out of “perfect” and into creativity and becoming your genuine authentic self.
To slow down and be aware of discomfort, as there are gifts in that. There is learning of what parts of you to offer more compassion and healing.
I believe in:
Awareness = Connection = Growth Accelerator
I believe in:
Magic in the Mess!
Neat and perfect are not my thing!  I have broken up with perfection. My house and life are messy. It is beautiful and full of all emotions and experiences!
I believe in:
Learning in contrast. The importance to experience the growing pains of change and to thrive in your authentic self.

We win, we fail, we learn. What have you learned from your biggest ‘wins’ in your career? What have you learned from your toughest challenges and moments in your career?
My biggest wins? When you believe in yourself and follow your passion. When your energy is coming from a place of love, excitement, joy and learning. I love seeing people experience joy and happiness, letting go of shame and guilt that holds them back.  Seeing the change in a life by changing old limiting beliefs and thoughts.
My toughest challenges? Listening and honoring your inner voice. Listening to your body, to stress response. Making changes that are risky. Not staying in a “comfortable job.” To me, comfort does NOT equal success. Living your best life and aligned with your unique purpose and gifts, sharing that with the world.

Who inspires you?
My parents! Immigration experience, risk of coming to America with 2 children and no family to provide opportunity and freedom for their kids. Dream chasers and dream makers! My parents took risks, always extremely hard working and passionate. From my mom, being a working power woman lady boss, changing careers mid-life and following her passion. My dad, extremely successful engineer, and always able to be present with his kids and grand kids. They both embraced and represented, and continue to do so, the idea that any dream is yours with hard work and dedication.
Value of health, challenging your mind, never stop learning, inspires me. My grandfather at 93 is still working in engineering because he loves his job and loves learning (grandparents). 
My beautiful clients. Sharing their journey, vulnerability and trusting me to be a part of that process.
Walking alongside survivors, watching the healing process and seeing the capacity for growth. Those who turn “struggles into strengths” mental health “diagnosis” into their super powers and their ultimate gifts.
My kids inspire me! They are beautifully resilient, loving and hard working. They take on challenges and change with curiosity. They come from a place of kindness, curiosity and growth.
My husband. Ability to be calm and supportive, to be the behind-the-scenes-hero of our chaotic family with love, kindness and ultimate level of patience and presence.

What do you do to nurture yourself?
I move my body in a self honoring way. I choose movement that honors what I need that day, sometimes hard core HIIT workout (GRIT), sometimes lifting heavy, sometimes a walk in nature.
Nutrition. Wealth of resource for our mind and body. Nutrition is extremely important to me,  to be my best and most energetic self. As a Holistic Nutrition Coach, I teach the importance of integrating nutrition as a resource to care for our mind and body.
Connection! I love people, I love my people, I am a hugger! All about in person connection, time with my loved ones. A hug can make a quick difference in my day!
I have fun! I play, I explore, I love being a kid!
Gratitude. The daily practice of gratitude and switching into a gratitude mindset. Every day, think about gratitude. Think about the wins as well as the intentions for today, and the next.

What advice would you give to someone who is in the midst of modifying/shifting/changing directions in their lives, personal or professional.
Connect with your WHY. Value alignment exercise. Ask yourself, where is your energy going throughout the day? Draining/balance/giving?  Listen to your passion voice and shhh your fear voice.
Take small steps in the direction you want to go, even 1 step. Visualize where you want to go. Stay in your lane! Stop comparison. It is the thief of joy and a huge energy drain. Keep your energy in your own lane, you need it!
Lead change with your intentions and let go of expectations.
Enjoy the journey. Always connect with your WHY.
The secret to making change is in the small daily habits and routines. Show up for yourself! You have to create some space and energy, time for yourself. You can start with small shifts in time. 15-min less at work and 15-min of a walk for example.
Check in with your thoughts. The quality of your thoughts is the magical key component of change. What are you setting yourself up for? How are you guiding your brain towards where you want to go? Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are probably right!

I love your 5 A’s OF LEADERSHIP. Explain them to us.
Authentic:  I am doing the work, will always continue to do the work.
Accessible:  Connecting with those around you, open to connection, present, mindful.
Aligned: Alignment of your why and your values.
Appreciation: Lead from appreciation and compassion.
Aware: What is happening around you, what is impacting people, where are the resources.

LEADERSHIP: Start by being a leader in your own life. Change starts with you!

sitting outside


Marrie Ketchum Gant, LICSW, MSW, CSCC
Integrative Mental Health Specialist
Life Coach
Holistic Nutritionist
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Interview given by Kathryn Kelly from @KathrynShowroom

DM for inquiries and collabs

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