Where To Next?

We made it! First half of 2019, done! Achievements, challenges and accomplishments. I truly hope that you achieved all that you set your heart to, and intentions on. I hope that you had courage to try, to develop and to evolve. To learn even more about yourself. That’s the beauty of our journeys. Always discovering who we are while remaining fearless to imagine, to try and, to conquer.

Now, we set our minds, our hearts, our intentions for the second half of 2019. Dream them. Think about them. Pencil them in, create flow charts, doodles, anything and everything, to see WHAT you want to achieve and HOW you want to achieve them. Give yourself a timeline. Short term and longer terms goals, in order to get to your personal finish line. Your personal accomplishment(s). Think about your roads, your paths and your directions. Maybe events to go to, talks to participate in, courses to take. It’s beautiful! Take the time to discover yourself to an even greater extent. Deeper, more profound. Go there. Find out. Figure out. Dig deep.

I wish you a soulful journey into the second half of 2019.

Kathryn Kelly


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3 responses to “Where To Next?”

  1. Love your perspective and encouragement!! Yes…goals are definitely more “real” when they are penciled in!! Thanks for spreading the positivity #Girlboss! Keep up the great work!

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    1. Thank you, Kate! Your comment means so much to me. Grateful for your read & follow! Kathryn xo


    2. Your message means the world to me. Thank you!! 🌸


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