I Challenge You!

Are you ready, dear Readers? Good. Today, I challenge you. I challenge you to venture OUT of your comfort zone. I challenge you to create. I challenge you to try something new and exhilarating. I challenge you to do that ‘something’ that you’ve been fearful of doing, trying, starting. I challenge you to take a leap of faith, to discover how very brave you are. I challenge you to get to know yourself even more. I’ll start. I will put on display my art. My mixed media illustrations. Not often, have I shown my art but, every time I share, I become more brave, more courageous, more resilient. Now, it’s your turn. Lets share, encourage, build and discover ourselves all while helping, empowering and motivating one another. Ready? Now, your turn!


ART Tools: Papers, Charcoal pencils, Pencils, Fine liners and Acrylic paints, Spray paints, canvases, brushes purchased at Hobby Lobby.

BEAUTY Palettes: Beauty palettes from ‘Colour Pop Cosmetics’ and ‘BH Cosmetics’ purchased at Ulta Beauty.

FLOWERS found blooming in my neighborhood as well as purchased at PCC Markets.

Kathryn K.

Fashion & Beauty Stylist, Amazon Influencer, Visual Artist, Brand Collaborator, Blogger & Podcast Host  of “Project Leadership with Kathryn Kelly.”

AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/shop/kathrynshowroom

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TIKTOK: KathrynShowroom

PODCAST: http://www.anchor.fm/Kathryn-Kelly

2 responses to “I Challenge You!”

  1. Shirley Paquet Avatar
    Shirley Paquet

    Beautiful Gallery …Kathryn

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome and inspirational


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