Becoming Your Own Champion

Dearest Readers,

My most recent Instagram post and Podcast episode (#85), I went ahead and presented to you the concept of, what I believe, a meaningful and poignant diagram. It presents a process. A process that entails ‘Finding Your Gift’ and ‘Sharing Your Gift.’  The overlapping of the two, is a space that exudes ENERGY and ACTION. The ACT of GIVING. The purpose. Not only is the overlapping portion a representation of energy and action but, of leadership as well. Acknowledging your gift(s), mastering them (I say ‘mastering’ loosely simply because I feel that we are constantly learning and evolving), feeling confident in knowing your material, passion and talent and then, sharing it. Teaching, giving and leading others. This overlapping space is however, in my opinion, a vulnerable one as well in that, you, the one who is passionate about your gift, who openly shares your talent and love, may not be received with equal energy from others. True, what I create and share, may NOT be LOVED to the extent that I LOVE it. It may be questioned, commented on, brushed off. That’s fine. However, this is when you, the creator of your art, project, venture, must become your OWN CHAMPION. You must believe in yourself. That, my friends, is called Personal Belief. Personal Strength. Be your own champion. In result, that concept of sharing your gift, is an important one. To believe in your gift(s), be strong, and take a chance in teaching others. In sharing with others. It will make you that much stronger.

I encourage you to continue creating, to continue trying, building, reaching, winning and failing, and winning again. I encourage you to believe in yourself, and to be your own champion. To one day discover your true talent(s) and gift(s) and then translated it into energy, action and sharing. Share Your Gift. Become Your Own Champion. It’s a beautiful thing!

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Kathryn K.

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4 responses to “Becoming Your Own Champion”

  1. I loved this post! I’m happy this was the first one that caught my attention from your recent blog posts. I’m currently working on becoming my own champion. I will definitely be checking out your podcast.

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    1. You’re the sweetest! Thank you for your kindness & support! I wish you GREAT success!! Kathryn 🌟


  2. I have been feeling unmotivated all week and now after reading this, it gave me my get up and go! Thank you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!! Keep it up, Penny!! You got this!! Kathryn 🌟🌟🌟


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