Lead With Grace and Integrity

Dearest Readers,

Just the other day, I was asked as to what my goals are for 2019, “What’s next for you, Kathryn?” she asked me. I thought about her question, knowing that I have been planning for 2019, over the last quarter of 2018. Hesitant to fully answer, simply because if I begin sharing my goals, projects, intentions and aspirations, her eyes might gloss over with boredom, and completely lose interest! I smiled and replied, in a nutshell, “Simply continue to build on what I have established, and set up, this past year.” Truth. Continue to grow, to build, to nurture the projects, collaborations and relationships that I have already made. It’s a fair question to ask, yet sometimes complex to answer. The beginning of every year, we feel fresh, renewed and ready to conquer.  Great! Yet, I believe we can only do this, and fully submerse and commit to our goals, if we we plan properly. This is why I feel the end of the year is equally exciting, and important, as the beginning.

At the end of last year, I began planning for this year, 2019. Projects and collaborations have been aligned, goals within my styling, both commercial and personal, have been lined up and secured, events in the fashion and beauty industries have been RSVP’d (networking!), professional goals within my beauty brands, companies and fashion houses have been penciled in, discussed with my superiors, and plans have been drawn out to see how all can be accomplished. Fitness and health goals are alive and well, and even my family goals for my kiddos are all set. #MomGoals 🙂 The idea is to create foundations, and build on them. Continue your growth and your development, both personal and professional. Build. Become stronger, better, more seasoned, more skilled, sharper and more knowledgeable. Push yourself. Push your limits. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable, it’s not suppose to be easy. Accept the challenge, and enjoy the process.

Key note? In a few weeks, check back on your progression. Evaluate yourself. Take a bird’s-eye-view on your development and see what you have accomplished. Does it make sense? Do I have to re-evaluate my process? Does anything have to be modified? What have my results been thus far? I look forward to conquering all that I have planned for 2019, and I hope you do to. Everyday is an opportunity, as it is a blessing. I feel that 2019 will be very special, for so many of us. Remain patient, focused and ready to win. Lead with your heart, and surround yourself with positive, optimistic and kind souls.  Walk through life with grace, integrity and respect. I wish you a beautiful start to a New Year.

With love,


Kathryn K.

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4 responses to “Lead With Grace and Integrity”

  1. Kathryn …You could not have express your comments better Bravo Happy 2019

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    1. Thank you, Shirley! All the very BEST to you! Much love, Kathryn xx


  2. Love this !! Thank you for sharing ! Hope you get everything out of 2019 that you want!

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    1. Thank you, friends!! You as well 💫


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