Ready. Set. Go. Bring On 2019!

Dearest Readers,

I come to you rested, and ready to conquer 2019. This past year has had such tremendous growth and surprise. Never could I have dreamt of such projects, on such a large scale, having come to fruition. Long nights, working 7 days out of 7, and tremendous attention, dedication and persistence to my projects, has in fact, put my work, my brand and my career, on an even higher playing field. It takes work. A lot of it. It also takes focus, drive and optimism. It also takes surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who support your growth, ambition and drive.

I began my piece with, “I come to you rested,” simply because last month, I put myself first. I put my health and well-being, first. I put ‘self-care,’ first. I realized that as we give to our families, our careers, our millions of daily responsibilities, we at times, lose track, and forget to take a short break. A little reprieve. And that my friends, is where I found myself last month, in the care of my parents. It was wonderful, special, and much needed. In order to give to others, our energy, time, love and happiness, we must give it to ourselves, as well. That short, and much needed break last month, did just that. Rest, good food, sunshine and naps, did the trick. Recharge? Absolutely. This moment, allows you to not only rest your mind and body but, it allows you to step away from it all, and have a different perspective. It allows you to review, refocus and plan for the future. That my friends, is crucial, I believe, for our success. That is why I say, this year, 2019, will be filled with even greater achievements simply because the focus and planning has already taken place. The plans, preparations and practices, have been made. Now, we continue to stay healthy; physically, mentally and emotionally, in order to achieve all that our minds and hearts aspire to achieve.

I believe strongly in courage. I believe in having faith in yourself, being strong minded, driven, proud and fearless. I believe in trying, in failing, in winning. I believe in strong work ethics, passion and desire to achieve greatness — YOUR personal greatness. I believe in pushing oneself, how BIG and how FAR, can we go!? I believe in limitless. No stopping. Always achieving. I believe in strength. This, dearest readers, is the mindset that I would like for all of us to begin 2019 with. Let’s lead, inspire and encourage one another, and step into 2019, together.

2019. Bring. It. On.

Kathryn K.

Fashion & Beauty Stylist, Amazon Influencer, Brand Collaborator & Podcast Host on

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