Go Out and HUSTLE

Dearest Readers,
In my recent podcast episode, I asked the question, “What does ‘HUSTLE’ mean to you?” I think it’s a valid question simply because we hear so much of it. From various motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, and the like, this word and concept seems to be consuming our social media platforms. I asked the question as to what it means to you, simply because I feel as though we all have a different perspective as to what exactly it entails. I asked my listeners what does it mean to them? How does it feel? Sound? Look like?
Work. To me, it’s continuous work. Focused. Driven. Motivated, work. To me, ‘HUSTLE’ is goal setting, having a path toward your next goal. Vision. Having vision and the courage to build and move forward with developing it. ‘HUSTLE’ is not simply working hard but, working smart, building yourself, leading, venturing out of your comfort zone, trying, failing and trying again. It’s a journey, a tough one that if you want to create something special for yourself, you must be dedicated, focused and strong willed. If you want it, you work for it. Achieving greatness, is not easy. Everything takes a tremendous amount to drive, focus and heart. True, some days, you (I) want to let go. Tired. Low energy. Loss of focus. Discouraged. But, it’s in that exact moment, that you must dig deep. Remind yourself of the time and effort, that you put into your craft. Look back. Think back. Look at the process in its entirety. Look what you have created thus far. It’s an incredible exercise, and an important one, in order to put perspective onto your journey. ‘HUSTLE’ is never giving it up. Again, it’s having the courage to move forward, surrounding yourself with those that support you, with those that are positive, encouraging and optimistic. This ‘HUSTLE’ never stops. It never slows down. Not when you are building yourself, building something great, building the future. It’s a gift. Life is a gift. Being alive, is a gift. Make something special. You know what your gifts are. You know what you have been blessed with. Take those gifts of yours, and build them. Create. Educate. Inspire.
We are many things. The other day, I laughed. Someone asked me, “So Kathryn, what do you do for a living?” I giggled, and asked them if they wanted to sit down. The list is long. We are many things. I am a mother, first. Responsible for raising my two children to become leaders for their generation. Responsible for raising two children to lead, inspire, teach, guide and be good citizens for their respective times in history. Second, I am a teacher, an entrepreneur, an artist, a stylist, a collaborator, an influencer and, a boss.
Yes, I hustle. I hustle every single day. Some days are more intense than other. However, in order to achieve my personal greatness, I must remain focused, clear minded, and driven. Our projects, careers, creations are not ‘overnight’ successes but rather, years in the making. I urge everyone, to not give up. Don’t let go. We live in instant-gratification mode and society. No, things don’t happen in 3 months, 6 months, two years. Don’t put a time limit on your growth. Don’t try to rush it. In actuality, you should embrace the process. Be aware of it. Relish it. Taste it. See it for what it is that is, you, building yourself, your journey, your craft, your career.
So, yes. ‘HUSTLE’ has a different meaning to us all. Different degrees of working hard, building and creating. However, as the end of the day, it’s having the courage to give time for yourself to develop you — and build something special. Something to be proud of. To build a legacy.
Now go out, and HUSTLE.
Kathryn K.

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2 responses to “Go Out and HUSTLE”

  1. Well written !
    Thank you


  2. Inspiring Raed……Kathryn


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