Go Ahead and FLY

Dearest Readers,

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer. Never, have I experienced, and seen, so much like I have this past summer. The development of the self has been extraordinary. Having the ability to push, pursue and strive to greater heights, has given me pause. You can dream, you can imagine, but once those opportunities finally do come to your doorstep, my friends, you take them, and you be grateful, aware and remain humble. Blessings come, and they come in full force, should you continue, on a daily basis, to live your best life. Be great, be positive, try, fail, win, push, try again, be respectful, be kind, help others and be your very best. Everyday, you have the opportunity to do this. Everyday, you have the ability to take one step further towards building yourself, your talents, your passions, and your dreams. This has been my experience, on the daily, this past summer and my goodness, I am certainly reaching heights that I knew, one day I could achieve, yet here I am. In it. Living what I thought were ‘possibilities if I work hard enough and stay focused.’ I am here. I continue to see such a great path ahead of me. This short, yet meaningful blog post, is a reminder to you, to continue to pursue what YOU desire. YOUR ambitions. YOUR dreams. Go ahead, dear readers, and create something special for yourselves. You know exactly what it is. Do NOT ask for permission. Go ahead, and FLY.


Kathryn K.


Fashion & Beauty Stylist, Amazon Influencer, Collaborator & Host of  ‘Daily Beats of a Fashion & Beauty Stylist’ on @spotify

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By Kathryn Kelly

Teacher, Author, Mentor and Creative Artist. Lead of Project Leadership Community.

3 replies on “Go Ahead and FLY”

Visionaries no matter their expertise have applied themselves willingly to add positive values to our society by bringing new concepts and ideas that elevates the way must of us think and/or view things… visionaries pave the way for all genders to simply “try” , see, think, feel , embraced and create as it’s their choice to translate the Visionary’s message to one’s own Vision… Kathryn, You are a Visionare and Wisdom requires Vision.

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