Magic. Is. Real.

Dearst Readers,

It always amazes me when you take a moment and look back at your journey. Reflection. Awareness. Wins. Fails. Journey. Path. This morning, I did just that. Taking a moment alone. Just me, my coffee, the sounds of little birds, and the smells of all the evergreens surrounding me. It was silent, and it was beautiful. It’s at that moment, that I started to look back. It’s such an important exercise to do, especially now, when life seems so fast and so busy. Stop. Look. Feel. Remember.

The last 3-weeks have been a whirlwind of events and emotions. It has been such a climb. So much work. So much progression. And then, it happened. It’s at that very moment, that I called my mom. “Mom. THIS. IS. REAL.”

I believe that we are all blessed with a story, a path and a journey. Our magic, our purpose and are fate have already been created for us. We work hard, stay focused, believe in ourselves, believe in our faith, excel in our passions and our God’s-given-talents. It’s for us to continue to stay faithful, truthful and honest with ourselves and our pursuits. Maintain our work ethic and continue to strive for our own personal greatness. Never stop. Always be creating, learning, giving, teaching, loving and growing.

As I look back, growing up surrounded by artists as well as powerful and inspirational women, I believe that my family and my environment made me who I am today.  Such an impact. Living and breathing the visual and performing arts, and later on, studying literature and the arts in my academic career, to working professionally in the field of the arts and education as an adult. My evolution of the self, education, talents and growth have been magical. This continuous self-awareness has brought me to the fields of education, art and fashion. Teaching, styling, writing, collaborating, designing and media. I never stop. I never stop learning, growing my network, reaching out, working and helping others achieve and be successful. I believe, as I mention in my podcasts over and over, the power of rising together. I believe in supporting and helping each other rise together, and in result, everyone achieves success, both personal and professional.

I have had the immense opportunity to working with incredible American companies. I honor the relationships that we have built together. The friendships, the opportunities and the successes have been incredible. What dreams are made of. Our growth continues. From the fields of art, fashion and beauty, the growth and knowledge continues to build and expand.

Today, I sit here and look back. All my academic and professional work is now coming full circle. I now am embarking on yet another journey with, The House of CHANEL. It’s with immense gratitude from my friends and colleagues at yet another incredible American company, Ulta Beauty, that have opened the door for me to this monumental chapter in my career, with the world’s premier luxury fashion house.


My work continues to evolve, my network continues to grow, my collaborations, clientele and work in media continues to build. It’s at this point in my career that I say, Thank You. I have learned to never stop. To always push myself. To trust my instincts. Expand. Try. Take chances and above all, learn. Always continue to learn.

I promise myself, my clientele, my readers and audience, to continue building, growing, sharing and inspiring. I believe that the transparency of my journey and the ability to engage and motivate so many, brings us all even greater success. It’s a beautiful journey that we’re all on, and we must continue to feed and strengthen our talents, our passions and our dreams.

With this I say, Merci, as I step into my newest role, and chapter in my career.

With love,

Kathryn Kelly

Fashion & Beauty Stylist, Amazon Influencer & Host of  ‘Daily Beats of a Fashion & Beauty Stylist’ on

The House of CHANEL: Boutique Ambassador







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THANK YOU to: @Nordstrom @Amazon @UltaBeauty

8 responses to “Magic. Is. Real.”

  1. Natalie Kelly Avatar
    Natalie Kelly

    Quel belle écriture. Félicitations. Je t’aime Kathryn.
    Ta mère 💖

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  2. Shirley Paquet Avatar
    Shirley Paquet

    Kathryn Touched by your writing Beautifully said…..💕

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  3. I wish you the absolute best on your new chapter! But we know that few journies follow a level path. I am there for you to either throw confetti for you or pour you a glass of wine and here your trials. You inspire me friend!

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    1. Thank you, dearest Sheri! Thank you for ALL your encouragement, belief and support ❤


  4. So happy for you and your newest adventure! Wishing you all the best!

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    1. Thank you so much, Christy!! 🎉


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