What’s In My Beauty Bag?

Dearest Beauties!

I’m so thrilled to write this BLOG post for you. I’ve received countless of questions regarding my hair care, skincare and favorite cosmetics. “What’s in your makeup bag, Kathryn?” Just to please both my readers AND my viewers, I will soon turn this blog into a VLOG as well, so that you can get a visual perspective too. Lights, Camera, Action!



Okay, my beautiful readers, let’s start with my current hair care routine. I typically change brands or product of shampoo and conditioners once my bottles are finished. Why? My hair get used to a certain product and then, doesn’t ‘react’ to it anymore. So, currently, I’m using the shampoo and conditioner from Redken ‘Beach Envy Volume.’ It has minerals and sea salt and therefore gives me a beachy textured volume. I love it! I finish it off with Dry Bar’s ‘Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray’ for added texture and volume. It smells sooooo good too. I absolutely love it! If I need extra body, I’ll spray my hair with Redken ‘Wind Blown 05 Finishing Spray.’ It gives me so much body. To the beach!

As for my skin routine, I have finally found brands that work very well with my oily and combination skin. I use Clinique’s ‘Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula,’ the ‘Clarifying Lotion #3,’ and the ‘Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.’ A few times a week, I use the ‘7 Day Scrub Cream’ on my face, neck and shoulders. It’s absolutely devine! I incorporate the Shisheido ‘Facial Cotton Wipes’ when using Cliniques’s ‘Clarifying Lotion.’ I thoroughly enjoy their delicate organic cotton wipes. So soft and, the Shisheido wipes don’t tear like regular cotton wipes. I absolutely LOVE using Philosophy Purity Made Simple Moisturizer on my neck, shoulders and chest. As for a full body moisturizer, I thoroughly enjoy Clinique’s ‘Deep Comfort Body Butter’ (it’s unscented, which is perfect since it won’t ‘compete’ with my perfume). For my eyes, I love using Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm twice a day. Wow! Do I ever see, and feel, a difference. Their ELEVATE Advanced Retinol Serum is a must! Another option for a serum that I equally love, is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum. Game changer, my friends! As for my lips, I only use the lip balm from First Aid Beauty, along with their Vitamin Hydrating Mist, to finish it all off.  A little spritz, thank you! When taking off my make-up at night, I only use one type of make-up remover, and that’s Clinique’s ‘Take The Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towlettes For Face & Eyes.’ It’s the only wipe that does NOT dry my skin. It too feels oh so good. Thank you, Clinique! Merci beaucoup! As for a weekly mask, I always use the ‘Super Collagen Mask’ from Mario Badescu. Oh my goodness, it’s fabulous. A weekly MUST!

SIDE NOTE: For all my clients, friends and guests that ask me what my children (ages 11 and 9) use for their skin care routine, I keep it simple. Two (2) brands for my kiddos skin. Mario Badescu and First Aid Beauty. Simple, clean and formulated WITHOUT alcohol, artificial colorants, artificial fragrances, parabens, mineral oil and sulfates. 100% cruelty-free, allergy tested, vegan, gluten free and oil free.  Both brands offer a perfect variety of products for their  skin. As for my children’s hair, I equally love, and stand by 100%, the products from the brand AG Hair, “Naturally Derived. Locally Made.” Happy kids! Happy mom!


So, here’s the fun part. MakeUp! Since I have oily skin, I use a primer called ‘De-Slick Complexion Primer’ from Urban Decay. Smashbox  and PUR Mineral primers are equally fabulous. I put it on after my moisturizer but, before my foundation. This primer has changed my life. It controls my ‘shine’ throughout the day. It gives me a matifying finish. Next, I use an eye concealer from Bare Minerals. It’s called BarePro and it’s a 16-hour wear. It’s a stick, and it glides on. It’s incredible. What I love about it most it’s how moisturizing it is. You can then blend it easily for a flawless base under the eyes. Remember, if you use an eye concealer, it must be a shade lighter than your foundation. Beauty Styling tip! For my foundation, I use ‘Reveal Color Correcting Anti-Aging Serum Foundation SPF 15’ from Algenist. It’s so light, feels so good and gives me a light finish. I apply my foundation with the ‘Airbrush OMG Foundation No. 106’ brush from IT Cosmetics. It creates a flawless finish. For a little shimmer, I enjoy using ‘Hello Light’ from IT Cosmetics. It gives me a slight shimmer and glow, very subtle, and pretty. I apply it on my cheekbones (highlighter), neck and décolleté. Oo-oo-la-la! Since my eyebrows are becoming patchy in certain areas (Hello 40’s!) I use the ‘Precisely My Brow Pencil #4’ from Benefit Cosmetics. If I need to fill in a little I then use ‘Good Proof Brow Pencil’ also from Benefit Cosmetics. I’ve always had very full eyebrows and I enjoy making certain that they are groomed and pronounced. To top it all off, I use, for a little fun, a fantastic eye shadow from Urban Decay called ‘Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.’ For something a little more dramatic and fun, I use the shimmer liquid eye shadow from Stila. I LOVE STILA! Again, a little shimmer to open up my eyes. I love to use the ‘Bad Gal Bang!’ mascara from Benefit Cosmetics. It’s wand and formula it by far, one of the very best that I have ever used. I highly recommend it. For my lip color, I keep it simple. I love any, and all, of the IT ‘Vitality Lip Flush’ glosses. Keeping it simple with a little shimmer and glow. Buxom Cosmetics has fabulous lip glosses that I can’t live without. I’m currently enjoying the Buxom Full On Lip Polish. Perfect! If I know that I’ll be having a BIG and long work day, I will then spray a little ‘All Nighter MakeUp Setting Spray’ from Urban Decay to set my makeup. Finishing touch for at long day ahead!



So there you have it, my beauties! That is exactly what’s in my bag, and on my bathroom counter these days. Be sure to see you skin & hair care expert and, your beauty stylist, for all the best brands and products for your skin type and makeup preferences. I always like to modify my skin care routines and cosmetics for myself and my clients with every changing season. So important — and healthy. A definite must!

Here’s to a healthy and beautiful you!

Kathryn Kelly

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NOTE: All brands and products mentioned in my BLOG post were found at my local Ulta Beauty store in the Greater Seattle Area.

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