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Dearest readers,
It’s official! My @Amazon shop is OPEN! I guess you can call it my ‘Grand Opening!’ So FUN!
My shop includes ALL my favorite brands & products. Each and every item in my personal Amazon shop, has been approved and loved, by me. I have personally worked with, purchased for myself & my family, purchased and shopped for my clients in all industries including fashion, skincare, hair care, cosmetics & more. I have even included my favorite products & brands that my kiddos enjoy too! Case in point, my 9-year-old son, Preston, just ‘reminded’ me this morning, “Mom, can you please re-order my ‘Jack Black’ Shampoo & Conditioner. I’m running a little low.” Umm, okay buddy! This little guy of mine likes the good stuff — just like mom 😉
In just a few weeks, I will also be selling my *** WAIT FOR IT *** Limited Edition #KBrand #KLove Sneakers!! YES!! Of course, I will let you know when they will be available to purchase. Definitely a MUST-HAVE!
Once again, I would like to simply share with you how very grateful, thankful and humbled I am for ALL these opportunities you have given me. To my team at #Amazon, I personally thank you for giving me this unbelievable opportunity. To the companies and brands that I currently design, collaborate and work with, I thank you for your trust in me to represent your brand, company name, history and reputation. It is an absolute honor. To my friends and family, thank you for all your support, encouragement, love and energy. You are my oxygen.
Welcome, Bienvenue & Bienvenido to my shop!
NOTE 1: My store is available to shop in USA & Canada.
NOTE 2: My team is currently working on opening my Amazon shop in France & UK (Summer 2018!)
NOTE 3: Be sure to visit my store regularly since I will be updating my shop every few days. So many goodies to recommend!
Follow me, for my latest brand & collaboration updates!
INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/kathrynshowroom/

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