Calling All Illustrators! #Contest

Calling all illustrators!

As you may know, I have collaborated with an up-and-coming sneaker company and now, I have my very own sneaker collection in production. Meetings, visions, designs and now, the final product is in the works!

I believe in growing my community, and shining a light on those whose talents needs a little push, a little promotion and, a little attention.  In light of this, I have launched a contest for budding artists, to create an illustration, and even a cartoon (how fun!), of my sneakers. The contest ends at midnight on the 20th of March. I will study, analyze and critique the submissions. I will announce the winner on the 27th of March.

Where can you get a glimpse of my sneaker collection? Go to my Instagram page, and view my Instagram Stories. The last two stories have been focused on my sneaker samples. Also, be sure to check out my vlog on @Vimeo and my YouTube Channel for the unveiling of my samples. So fun!

So, you ask, what’s the motivation for an artist to enter my contest? Let me tell you. His/her work and artistic talent will be mentioned and showcased across my social media platforms as well as my blog, vlog and podcast. This will be an amazing opportunity to grow their out-reach and audience. Promote their respective work and talents. Everyone deserves an opportunity.

I’m so excited for our collection. My ‘K Brand’ Slip-On Sneakers are made with a breathable Lycra and light weight out-sole. It’s been designed with a quick-on, quick-off, elastic goring. No hassle to tighten up the laces! We’ve even designed extra padding in the heel for a super comfy fit. It’s a perfect trend & lifestyle sneaker, super cute, and always on point! And yes, we have the word ‘LOVE’ written all over the back of the sneaker,  over and over, simply because we feel the world needs more of it. #LOVE

Good luck to everyone that participates in my ‘K Brand’ sneaker contest! Draw, create, and enjoy the process!

Please send your illustrations to:


Kathryn K.

Host of ‘Daily Beats of a Seattle Stylist’ featured on @GooglePlayMusic @PocketCasts and @Vimeo






Snapchat: KathrynShowroom






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