An Ode to New York Fashion Week. Street Style. #FW18

Beauties! It’s that time of year again! New York Fashion Week! Fashion’s most coveted invite, one of New York’s most exclusive events. Designers ranging from Tom Ford, Anna Sui, The Row, BOSS and Alexander Wang. Such an extravagant event filled with luxe fabrics and show-stopping designs.

Having grown up visiting such events; fashion shows and fashion weeks, as well as watching and studying the process of presenting collections to retailers and boutiques, I can’t help but think back to the days of studying my family’s creative process of designing. The illustrations, choosing of fabrics, the cutting, the sewing, studying the garments and how they fall, lay and drape on the model. Truly, a work of pure craftsmanship and art. An artistic process that will forever be part of my heart, my memory and a process that has shaped and defined who I am today. As I watch, study and learn from these worldly designers, true artists they are, I can’t help by feel elated to watch their garments come to life, walking down the runway. It truly is a dream, an artist’s dream, to see one’s work complete. The final product.

I bring this piece to you in the middle of NYFW 2018, in a city that I proudly call home. With this being said, here are some of my favorite snaps of NY Fashion Week’s Street Style, where every street corner and side street, IS the runway.

Welcome to New York Fashion Week. Street Style. #FW18



Kathryn K. of @KathrynShowroom

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  1. Love your post…..Spring Isi the air….


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