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Dearest readers,

This is it!! The energy is high, the ground is moving, and WE. ARE. BUILDING. It’s happening every day. I see it. I feel it. I am witness to it. What is it? Growth of personal success. Growth of the personal brand. Growth of my team, talent and network. This is REAL.

Recently, I launched a new platform in the space & world of VOICE. My most recent project with my podcast on @anchor.fm [anchor.fm/Kathryn-Kelly] has been growing daily. Today, I will record my 19th Episode & Podcast, and it’s an incredible feeling to see something that was so scary at first, to now feel so comfortable, strong and right. The voice platform is a powerful tool. Why? It’s passive consumption that allows my readers to listen to my 5-10 minute podcasts while brushing their teeth, or driving to work. It’s perfect, easy and empowering. My podcast, ‘Daily Beats of a Seattle Stylist,’ not only gives you a glimpse of my work, my day, my process but also, I share with you specific elements that make me successful. Elements that you, regardless of your industry, can apply. For instance, my episodes are simply titled based on my main focus of my talk. I discuss the importance of patience, kindness, optimism, focus, being present, being courageous, and so much more. I interview strong and empowering women that share those same qualities and in result, inspire other women to grow, build their crafts, and in result, become even stronger. It’s been widely successful.

I have also been educating myself with regards to all my different platforms, and how they each work differently yet, they balance off each other beautifully. For instance, my visual platforms allow me to showcase photography along with brief notes & summaries of my work for example, my posts featured on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. With respect to my communication platforms, brief comments, inspirational & motivational thoughts and quick little images such as those found on Twitter and Snapchat. Perfect! Again, different audiences, different consumption. My blogs, here, the written form. The ability to write in depth of my work, my journey, my experiences. It allows me to focus on details through the written form. Love! I have been learning how to work with each and every platform in order to balance them all together and grow my personal brand, as a stylist. It’s such a beautiful journey!

I mentioned in my previous podcasts about this period in history that we are all in, and it being so special. If you are that personal brand, or you are an entrepreneur, this is a magical and powerful time to be just that. Why? We can showcase our talent and pool our energy and focus into all these social platforms for everyone to see, experience, listen, read, watch and consume. The market is powerful, and the moment that we’re living in, is equally powerful.

I leave you now with a glimpse, in the written form, regarding my newest project, my state of mind and of course the process in which I conduct the building of my brand. I do hope to hear from you on all my other platforms as well!

Cheers, dear friends, and until next time!

Kathryn K.



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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kathrynshowroom

Anchor: http://www.anchor.fm/Kathryn-Kelly

Snapchat: KathrynShowroom

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