Tripping: Photo Gallery of Vancouver, BC

Hello dearest readers!

What an exciting start to 2018! Projects are happening, goals are being achieved, energy and excitement is high, the mind is strong and focused and above all, everyday that passes, gets me a little closer to achieving dreams. Wonderful! As I branch out into the media and continue to grow my work across several social networks, this evening, I would like to have a little ‘quiet time.’ Let me present to you some beautiful moments  in one of my favorite cities, close to home, and close to my heart, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Ranging from pure maple syrup and fresh fruits from the local markets, to our regular runs to Tim Horton’s, “Bagel B.L.T and a double-double please,” 🙂  Visiting Vancouver in the fall & winter months are always magnificent. Several blogs ago, I wrote about and photographed, Vancouver in the summer. Equally beautiful. I leave you this evening with a visual display of my favorite spots in and around this city of ours.

Remember to always enjoy the journey, and enjoy the climb.

Oh, Canada!

Kathryn K.



2 responses to “Tripping: Photo Gallery of Vancouver, BC”

  1. Les Belles photos. Je m’ennuis de Vancouver. Le syrop d’érables tu dis?
    La délicatesse !

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  2. Your spots are very special ….and very Canadien ( Like )

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