Looking Ahead to 2018!

Happy New Year my Beauties!

I can’t believe that I’m writing to you on the eve of 2018! What a year it has been! As we all turn to a new chapter in our lives, I believe that it’s so important to review last year, and plan for next. Year after year, month after month, and even day after day, I review, plan and give THANKS. I thank the heavens for all the goodness in my life, and those around me. We are so fortunate to be able to dream, to set goals, to achieve and to love. We have freedom, support and opportunity to make it all happen. We are blessed.

Brunette sign


This past year has been exceptional. My heart bursts with pride and happiness knowing who I have met (dear friendships!), what I have experienced (personal and professional growth) and above all, watching others succeed and achieve their goals. What a sight! It pleases me to watch others beam with pride and happiness with their personal achievements and goals coming to fruition. It’s beautiful. That my friends, is what we must hold on to. We must embrace. My dear fellow Canadian friends at BRUNETTE THE LABEL, embrace that notion 100% with their tops and tees that state, “Babes Supporting Babes,” and other empowering, fun and supportive words and ideas that embrace strength, beauty and power, of women. Going into 2018, I would love to see even more women empowering each other. Let’s support, love and help raise each other to greatness. We deserve it!



With this, I wish you all a magnificent and powerful 2018. Like I always say and write to you, all my beautiful friends who follow me and support my voice, my projects and my dreams,  don’t ever be afraid to dream. Don’t ever be afraid to plan goals for yourselves, and make those goals of yours, come true. Plan, prepare, work hard, stay focused, have drive, be ambitious, and above all, make it happen. Make it happen for YOU. Your achievements, your dreams, your happiness. Be leaders, be vocal, and be your true selves.

Many Blessings, my dearest beauties.

Happy 2018!!

@KathrynShowroom X @BrunetteTheLabel

Kathryn K.





2 responses to “Looking Ahead to 2018!”

  1. Very positive and beautiful message.
    Pure heart ambassador ❤


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