The Art of Fashion – My Journey

People always ask me, what I love about fashion. What is it about fashion that inspires me, gets me excited and has me beaming with delight. Passion? Love? What is it about this field, this way of life, that inspires me to photograph it, write about it, teach it, and essentially, live it. Many things, I tell them. Let me begin.

I come from a long line of artists in my family. Ranging from bespoke designers, to Fashion Design teachers, to artists, both performing as well as visual, and even close family friends who happen to be master artists. I grew up in art galleries, museums, art studios and dance studios. I grew up backstage of countless fashion shows and events, attended launches and private parties. As a child and young adult, I had the opportunity to volunteer in various designer launches, trunk shows and even listened in and was present in meetings between buyers and vendors, designers and CEOs. At the time, it was such a treat to be a part of it all. Something very special, and I realized it then and there. Today, I look back and realize how fortunate I was to experience it all. I now realize how valuable all those moments were.  Fast forward to present day, I can still apply all those special moments, encounters and meetings to my present day career. They’re all building blocks, this journey of ours. All things do happen for a reason. There is a time, when you see that you have come full circle, and you realize that this path that you’ve been on, makes sense. Purpose. Not by accident. It was all planned, and laid out for you. It’s beautiful too see.

gucci and mules

As I  participate in day-to-day meetings and events, I always can’t help but become genuinely excited when we get to the part of showcasing, studying, learning about and/or simply discussing fashion, up-coming trends, new collections and fashion houses. Why? Because to me, fashion is art. It is an art form, and I’m an artist, through-and-through. For every collection, there is study that goes into it. Study, fabrics, textures, the way in which the garment will fall or lay, the color schemes, the palettes, the feel. Fashion is an art form that brings about emotion. It’s a creative process, and every artist respects and understands that. From the initial sketches, to the making of the garments. It’s the process that I’m in love with. The artistic process. So, when I meet with clients, and we review collections, or pieces that I believe they will love to wear, I always share my passion and knowledge of how the garment was created. The history of the brand, the purpose and magic behind the collection. As a teacher and a stylist, I believe in educating those that I am presenting to. Whether it is to students, or to clients, my passion derives from empowering others, teaching others, about the artist, and their creations.

Cheers to all artists. You bring delight, imagination and endless creativity and beauty. We thank you.

Kathryn K.


3 responses to “The Art of Fashion – My Journey”

  1. Your writing is very good. I enjoyed reading the history of your artistic journey. Congratulations Kathryn!
    Natalie Kelly ❤❤ ❤


  2. This is amazingly amazing.


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