Holiday Shopping Has Never Been So Easy!

My beauties! Guess what’s around the corner! Christmas shopping! Oh I know. You’re probably thinking, “Kathryn, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” but, my dearest friends, better to get started now, than leaving it all to the last minute. That Christmas rush gets me so anxious!
So, I did a little something for you. I’ve listed a few apparel, beauty & skin care, jewelry and home decor companies that I partnered with, and I’m giving you access to my DISCOUNT CODES. This should help you get started with your ONLINE SHOPPING! Happy holiday shopping, from the comfort of your own home.
holiday shopping
-70%  Code: KATSHOW
-15%  Code: KATHRYNK15
-10%  Code: KATSHOW
All-natural, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free alternatives to oral care and teeth whitening.  Visit my friends at
If you need life changing skin care, you MUST visit my dear friend @Rosanne_Debragga an Executive Consultant at @RodanandFeilds Another brand and product that I stand by 100%
Luxury Handmade Candles from my super talented friend, Jenise. For enquiries, please contact ‘Tiny Girl Designs’ at  (see my Instagram 11/11 post for details).
Happy Holiday Shopping, my beauties. MUA!!
Kathryn K.

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  1. MAGIK!!!! Great Xmas shopping prelude! AK._

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