Brand Ambassador, Collaborations and Partnerships.

Dearest Readers,

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m so excited to sit down and write a little something for you all. I guess you can call it, “Me and You time!”

This week was quite something. Over the last little while, I have partnered with a number of companies, ranging from apparel and jewelry, to beauty and home decor. Each and everyone of them, I believe in. If I love the company, their products and what they stand for, then I share! I love to acknowledge others that are creating, achieving and growing. It’s so important, I believe, to support one another in each others dreams and talents. May we all strive together, encourage, and help each other rise to their (your) fullest potential. Today, more that ever, I think, we need to support one another, especially women. We need to band together and help each other succeed, rise and be genuinely supportive.

So this week, several products came to my doorstep — and so many more are on the way! Thank you, to all the companies and their affiliates, who put their trust in me to share, promote and advertise their products. I have shipments coming in from around the world, and I am always grateful and thankful for your belief in me, as your Brand Ambassador.

Cheers, friends! I wish you all a blessed week ahead.

Kathryn Kelly

NOTE: Please see my Instagram posts for company information regarding affiliations, collaborations & partnerships @KathrynShowroom

One response to “Brand Ambassador, Collaborations and Partnerships.”

  1. Very encouraging and enlightening. Be kind, gentle and happy!


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