Tripping: Photo Gallery of Pike Place Market Seattle, WA

How much do I LOVE Pike Place Market? Let me count the ways! Since moving to this magnificent city three years ago, I have become a regular at the market. From the breathtaking flowers, the most delicious fruits and veggies that you have EVER tasted (be sure to go see my friend Mike at SOSIO’S Fruit and Produce), the fish (and the fishermen!), oh my! I can go on and on! This past Labour Day weekend, we were tourists in our city. Pike Place Market, The Seattle Great Wheel, Starbucks Reserve Bar (be sure to ask for my friend Junior. He’ll make you the best coffee that you have ever had!) and of course, a visit to the Seattle Art Museum (my second home). All my favorite things to do in the city, on any given weekend. Here are some pictures that we captured this marvelous Sunday afternoon.

PS. Shout out to my 10 year-old babygirl who took pics of her mama. Love you, Brielle! #skillz


Kathryn K.


Kathryn’s Favorite Spots in Seattle:

The Seattle Great Wheel: 1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA

SOSIO’S Fruit and Produce Inc.: 157 Pike Place, Seattle, WA (Ask for Mike!)

Starbucks Reserve Bar: 1st & University, Seattle, WA (Ask for Junior!)

Seattle Art Museum (SAM): 1300 1st Ave, Seattle, WA




By Kathryn Kelly

Teacher, Author, Mentor and Creative Artist. Lead of Project Leadership Community.

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