Designing Your Next STYLE BOARD

Hi friends!

Like I wrote in my last Instagram post, “Life just got even more exciting!” I recently launched my very own STYLE BOARDS App via Nordstrom! I now have the ability to bring my Styling career to a whole new level! This now allows me, your Stylist, to personalize various looks for you, and for all, and any, occasion. My STYLE BOARDS gives me the opportunity to create a look, feature new trends, design a concept board for your work, travels, weekend get-a-ways, special events, kiddos summer wardrobes, and so much more! Going away to Cabo next month? Fantastic! Starting a new job? Great! Let me create for you a Style Board, a Concept Board, tailor-made just for you.


How does this work? Easy. You send me your mobile number, first and last name and of course, measurements. Shoe, dress, pant and top sizes. That’s it.  That’s all I need. From there, I design a personalized Style Board tailored just for you. A theme. A look for your occasion. You love it? Great! I’m not done. There’s more!


Once my Style Board is sent to you, you then review it.  You can, change the color and/or size of the product, if necessary. You then purchase the items that you love directly from my Style Board. Shipping is always FREE (within the US). Your order will arrive in 3-8 business days. Easy. Love it.


How is this different from simply buying various items online? I’ll tell you. You have ME. Your Personal Stylist and Consultant creating a Style Board, a Concept Board, just for you. I am, essentially, your Design Team. Your Style Consultant.  I work, and put everything together, for YOU. My vision, my passion, my creativity, my everything, is presented to you, on my Boards. You now have your very own Style and Design team, working for you. In the palm of your hand. LOVE!!


What’s my turn around? I’m in studio, in my showroom and in appointments, with my clients, typically Thursday thru Sunday. Therefore, my Style Boards are created and sent Monday thru Wednesday. Whether you’re a client online via my STYLE BOARDS App or, you’re with me in my showroom, I am fully devoted to you. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and this App now allows me to reach my busy clients that can’t always come in to see me, as well as my clients in various states within the country. This. Is. Amazing. Thank you Nordstrom!! I love you!!


Okay my beauties! Let’s bring Styling to the NEXT LEVEL!! DM me your contact info and measurements (via my blog, Instagram or Facebook), and lets get started on your next look! You now officially have your very own Styling and Design Team! Let’s do this!!


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Kathryn K.




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