We Have Visitors Staying Over! What Do I Wear To Bed?

Hi my beauties!
Summer is almost here, and with that, comes visitors! How exciting! I’ll be preparing the house, bedding, meals, activities, oh my! But wait! What am I going to wear to bed, and lounge around in, while at home? That’s a common question many of my clients ask me.
You know how much I love my lingerie, and especially my sleepwear. You very well know how much I love to wear pretty things to bed. It’s such a treat! But, when family comes to visit, I put all my pretties away. So, what’s a girl to do? I still want to feel beautiful when going to bed but, I have to be respectable towards those sleeping over at my house! My family, my guests. My solution? I lean towards a few of my favorite sleep and loungewear brands that are cozy, soft, cute and oh so pretty. I absolutely LOVE brands such as The Laundry Room, Make and Model, UGG, PJ Salvage and Junk Food. My favs!
Whether it’s family visiting and sleeping over at our home or, just appropriate sleep and loungewear around the kiddos, I always have a few of those great pieces in my closet.
Okay my beauties! So now you’re all ready for Grandma’s visit! Enjoy your mornings and evenings feeling comfortable and looking great!!
Kathryn K.
Photos @KathrynShowroom

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