Kreative Kollection


Like Water

The world has changed. A shift has taken place. Throughout my journey as a Creative Artist, I have written about the arts, fashion and culture. I expanded into empowerment, inspiration and self-development. I photographed various nature series and even went ahead and created a blog series specifically tailored to and focused on, my personal journey […]

Direction of Fashion

Fashion has always evolved over years, generations, and historic times. Yes, we still see emerging trends and styles however, I can’t help but see, hear and feel, a new sense of direction. I have always studied those in fashion and, having worked in the industry for the majority of my career, I have always listened. […]

A New Perspective

A new energy has emerged. A turn in the road. A new path. A new wave of inspiration, style, and focus. Since 2020, my writing has taken a more soulful, deep-seated, in-depth, and spiritual tone. I wholeheartedly know for certain that my style of thought has been spiritual and faith-driven due to worldly circumstances. I […]

About Kathryn

Kathryn is a Creative Artist who uses her background in Literature and the Creative Arts to write about, and photograph, pieces related to the arts, fashion and culture. Kathryn equally creates #NFT artistic projects as well as writes about leadership, empowerment and inspiration.